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13 March 2017


considering i spent the first part of the week horizontal in bed, i had a pretty amazing week. like, i still feel pretty rough, and that flu really had my body done in for the longest time ever, but.. i certainly made up for it in the later part of the week. how? well, let me tell you.

international women's day | my first jaunt out of the house this week was on wednesday, otherwise known as international women's day, when i was lucky enough to head on an enthusiastic and empowering tour of "jane austen's hampshire" with visit england and some of my favourite bloggers. i'll be sharing more of that later in the week, but it was well worth the late night and slight car sickness, not only to be out of (bed) the house finally, but to also be able to spend such a wonderful day with such inspiring women. who run the world? girls.

blue skies, warm days | spring came out to play this week and it was glorious! more of that, please.

a new look office | our office got a mini make over this week, and one of the new bits of decor is a pretty amazing neon in the reception area that screams 'coffee?', which makes me all kind of happy when i walk into the office, because: yes, neon sign, i would like some coffee. always. forever.

everybody needs good neighbours | charley has just moved to sydenham and now we're neighbours! on saturday we went for a biiiig old exploration of the area, and spent the day getting her settled. we started with brunch in penge before going dinosaur hunting in crystal palace, and finishing in the pub. where all good hunting parties end, surely. while we were out and about we definitely broke into a private estate so we could take outfit photos, but that's a story for the cops. shhh, don't tell.

guess who | ben and i went to see 'logan' on saturday night (which was.. ok, i guess?) and then made our way to the pub. there was a terrrrible band playing in the main saloon who were loud and annoying, so we retreated to the dining room, where there were board games. including 'guess who'. which i have not played in about a huuuundred years. the best part of the game was when ben was 'lucas' and i took one look at lucas and decided that he was in actual fact, ben's doppelganger. that was a fun moment. for me, anyway. he didn't appreciate the similarity.

breakfast club | then on sunday morning i met milly super early in central london for ping coombes' breakfast club at chi kitchen. i'm a big fan, as you know, but breakfast club? that's a whole 'nother level tasty. more on that to come later in the week, but one thing's for certain: breakfast will never be the same again. i then, because i was in town, i went shopping. naughty me!

unmade plans | ben and i then went for pizza in an odd twist of "let's cancel all our plans while you're on the train and quickly make some more that involve food, even though i've just had lots of asian food for breakfast" fate. in the few months i've known him, we've mainly only eaten pizza. which.. is probably why we're still seeing each other.

so, if your week was even half as busy as mine, i'd say you're probably tired. goodnight.

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