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28 April 2017


pizza is the reason i will never be skinny, and i have absolutely made my peace with that wholly unreasonable fact. i've written about my love of pizza here many, many times before, and most recently shared with you my top five pizza joints in london. do you know how hard that post was to write, and how many taste tests and experiments i needed to complete in order to write that? i know, i'm a saint. still, that was then; this is now. because now i have been introduced to firezza - the new "social pizza experience", and i can hand on heart proclaim that my life will never be the same again.

seem dramatic? well it should. i actually have had this pizza before, but only via delivery and i think i was probably too hungry to really pay attention. but when i heard they'd opened their first actual sit-down-and-dine store front, and was invited along to their opening night, i couldn't actually say no. despite the fact i had other plans and another event to be at, i genuinely found myself unable to type the word "no" into an email about my attendance. so i went. the girls and i went. and we scoffed our faces with tasty bruschetta bites, and fizzy prosecco, and then sat down to three meters of proper sourdough pizza, with the most incredibly soft and tasty crust, all to ourselves. and then we literally dashed off to the other event. 

which happened to be one i had been looking to for ages, but one i really struggled to make the most of - thanks to my damn illness: the trek america 360 event that had been on the lips of every travel blogger in london since the invite went out. trek america: the brand that's somehow made bloggers excited by camping and hiking and roughing it stateside. trek america: the travel agents responsible for inducing envy in the heart of every travel blogger who sees the hashtag #itrekhere on an instagram image. trek america: the brand that's finally help pique my interest in returning to the states.

because truth be told: it's not really been that big of a deal to me, going to america. i've been already, on a big trip with my mum when i was 15, and it was great. had a fab time. remember all the theme parks and the food and the busses, and that's that. then my ex convinced me i should turn 30 in nyc, and i thought - that's pretty cool! but then we broke up, and i turned 30 on a canal boat in paddington which was way better. but now.. now, thanks to the hyped-up tech that is virtual reality, the trek america team took us to some of the states' most amazing destinations. we went to yosemite. we went to the canyon. we went to zion. and they were all fucking amazing. and, i've never liked camping, but they make it seem so damn fun

so, excuse me while i go and peruse the extensive list of treks available right across the enormous continent of north america (yes: canada too!), and decide just how i plan to lose my camping-as-an-adult virginity (or, knowing me: spring for the budget accommodation option because it's me after all). join me, won't you?

*i was a guest on both counts, but all words are mine. the excellent photos aren't, they belong to trek america and charlie, distracted. also, i'm an ambassador of trek's, so i earn a lil somethin' somethin' if you buy a trek through my link, just so we're clear!

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