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5 April 2017


i though that seeing as i spent a good chunk of my time being a hypocrite in an attack on new look's obsession with embroidery last week, it was high time i gave them some love. because here's the thing: as much as i'm not loving the trends they're stuffing down everyone's throats, i am loving some of their other trends. like metallics, and glitter. because, hello! i am a magpie.

if it's made of sparkles or it shimmers in the light, i want it. if it's clothing, i want it on me. if it's if food, i want to eat it (but not before first taking many a photo of it, obvs). if it's a vessel, i will use it with pride. for everything. always. so, in my quest to admonish everyone against the all-consuming embroidery craze, i actually discovered a buuuuunch of things online that i freaken adore. including a bunch of stuff in the sale, which basically means i now have to buy them because savings.

of the above, i have already bought the gold bomber jacket (though it's a lot more silver in reality), and i have that rose gold biker in my bag ready for check out. it's not my birthday for ages, nor are there any legitimate reasons for me to "treat myself", so for now, that's where it stays. with all the holidays i have lined up in the next few months, i do have to be slightly reasonable about what i'm spending my money on and whether or not those pieces are needed, but.. i need it. i need it all.