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6 December 2017


i used to work in soho. for three years, i worked in the centre of london, the heart of london's foodie scene, and yet.. for those three years i was broke. i used to eat at tourist spots that had pre-theatre menus, or groupon deals, or taste card specials - whatever the meal was, it had to have a discount on it for me to eat it, which means a lotttt of the soho foodie haunts never got a show in. foodie haunts like brgr.co, which - sat on wardour street, was right around the corner from my office, but never got a show in because i was poor. i loved burgers, but i was poor. so, those burgers never became my burger. five years on, and i'm not (as) poor anymore, and brgr.co is still there. still there, and newly re-opened, so guess what katy and i did last week? we went, and we ate the burgers.

first thing to note: there are pink neons both inside and outside the restaurant, which give the mainly monochrome interior a satisfyingly pink glow.. literally, everything is pink. so far, so excellent! then came the menu: it's pretty straightforward, and focuses mainly on what they're good at: burgers. sure, there are a few other options - hot dogs, nachos, wings, mac and cheese and the like, but mainly brgr.co's whole schtick is that they do really good, really saucy burgers.

and reaaaally naughty milkshakes. you can have them hard or soft, but either way, they are incredible. we opted to share a salted caramel one (£5.50), and it was thick and creamy, and decorated with caramel popcorn. i mean, the way to my heart is pretty straightforward: pink and popcorn, so brgr.co pretty much nailed it in the first ten minutes. the whipped cream and chocolate and nuts were a nice touch, but really, i would have been happy with a bowl of caramel popcorn with the milkshake.

i opted for a bacon and blue brgr (£9.50) with sweet potato fries (£3.95), while katy went for the truffle brgr (£12.50) with the parmesan truffle fries (£7.50), and i can confirm: both were very messy. or, saucy, just as the restaurant menus suggested it would be. the burgers were pretty small, to be honest. the crispy wings (£6.50) i had on the side were probably the hero of the meal (other than the popcorn, i mean), but then again, i do love wings. burgers for me can be hit and miss. don't get me wrong: it was a tasty burger, but i remember the wings more. and the toilet. it was a party toilet, you know? there was a switch on the wall that when you flicked it, the lights went out and "livin' la vida loca" came blaring out of hidden speakers, and the room lit up with neons. i mean, that's the sort of thing i remember about brgr.co. so, they're a burger bar, but for me, they're more than that. for me, that joint was a dream fulfilled, and to be honest: it couldn't have ended any better than it did.

*we were guests of brgr.co, but all memories are my own.

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