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15 December 2017


pizza may not be the most festive of foods, but after all the gingerbread and turkey and pork stuffing that's taken over every eatery in the greater london area over the last month or so, pizza sounded like a banging idea. especially when this particular pizza date came with a side of gift swapping, sipping on frozen cocktails, and still being home by 9pm.

i'm a big, big fan of the pizza union chain. i was first introduced to them via the king's cross branch, followed quickly by the spitalfields branch (so close to hommme!), maybe two years ago? maybe more? but then - then! i found out last week that they've now opened up in dalston too, and dalston is just the perfect amount of distance between work and home to be able to finish work a little late, and still have dinner by 7pm. it's the little things, y'know?

i met bex there for dinner in the week. she's not going to be here for christmas and - other than our weekend in basel together, i won't see her before the big day, so we did our gift swap over pizza. brilliant, right? we grabbed a parmesan and rocket salad to share, and she ordered the calibria (spicy nduja sausage, mozzarella, marscarpone, and rocket; £5.95), while i chose the regina (mozzarella, parmesan, ham, mushrooms, and black olives; £5.95). the pizzas were both super velocĂ© (super fast, in italian - you're welcome), though in some places a little too crisp for my liking. ever since we were in italy and i tasted real napolese pizza, i lovvve a traditional, doughy, wet pizza. pizza union make super thin-base pizzas, which just aren't how mama used to make them!

our super tasty pizzas were washed down with the restaurant's house frozen margs (£3.80), which were juuust the thing - limey and cold, and very drinkable, and before we could get too full of crispy pizza, we ordered the classico dolce to share. the warm nutella and marscarpone dough ring was seeeeensational. like, incredibly delicious, moreish, and utterly creamy (£3.20). creamy cheese, creamy nutella, creamy, tasty, bloody delicious. it was the highlight of the meal, easily, and something i can absolutely forgive crispy pizza for. one thing i know for sure: i am ordering that again, all for me.

*we were guests of pizza union, all thoughts are my own.

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