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22 January 2018


here's the thing, right: i've been eating 99.9% vegan since the start of the year (those few faux pas have been lessons learned and not repeated), but that doesn't make me a vegan. what do i mean? well, what i mean is, i'm trying something new; i'm trying to be nicer to my body, by stopping eating foods that just plain don't agree with me. i'm trying to be kinder to animals, by not, well, eating them, and i am trying to be a better human, by reducing the footprints i leave on this earth. what i'm not doing, is living up to a few people's standards by choosing to make certain changes, and be flexible with others.

for example, when people say to me: do you think you'll continue being a vegan after january? i say, "yeah - i think i will! when i'm travelling i might just eat vegetarian because it'll be easier, though". and they then say: oh, so you're not taking it seriously, then? and i sort of scrunch up my face at them, as they bite into their chicken mayo sandwiches, or wolf down their yoghurt snacks, or nibble on boiled eggs out of their bag, and say: "welllllll, yes.. i am taking it seriously.. i have reduced my animal product intake since january by like 99.9%, and am continuing to eat that way for the foreseeable..." and then they get bored of the conversation and change the subject.

people want to label you, man, and i'm not a fan. it's easier for people to put you in a box, to be able to understand you.. but, i'm not ok with that because there are loads of reasons that i can't and won't say i'm a vegan: i don't buy make-up that's entirely cruelty free; i still wear animal by-products; my cleaning products aren't wholly great for the environment. until i've made those significant changes to my lifestyle outside of my diet, i'm not going to be claiming to be a vegan, because i truly think that will set me up for failure, and ultimately what i am doing, is making really good and healthy choices, slowly.

skirt : joanie | boots : boohoo* | backpack : skinnydip | jumper : gift from donna | beret : new look | coat : h&m

i feel so much better after three weeks than i did after the first, and i am slowly becoming less and less hungry, and gaining more and more energy. my trainer says he sees the difference in my body - even though i don't - and i honestly don't feel like i am missing out on (much of) anything. except pizza, obviously. with lots of planning and research, i feel confident that i can continue eating a vegan diet when i cook for myself. living in london is easy, too, because there are loads of great vegan restaurants or dishes on menus for when i eat out, which is a bloody treat and a half. and, i don't really miss most of my regular snacks as i've subbed them with new, accidentally vegan ones, and i'm pretty happy with that.

i do really think it'll be a problem when i travel, as not only will i want to eat what's fresh and local, but in some cases i may not have much choice. i will always prefer to eat a full, fresh meal, so if my choices are plain salad or halloumi, i'm going to choose the latter. and, i'm not going to feel bad about the odd non-vegan meal, because it's about making changes for longevity - and to be honest, i'm really damn proud of the changes i have made already, and will not be made to feel bad for the occasional cheat or treat.. i just refuse!

*have just realised how much i edited the colour our of my skin. promise i'm still warm, mum!

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