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1 January 2018


last year i made two promises to myself: that i would pat more dogs, and that i would go to the gym at least twice a week. i made these two promises knowing full well that they were things that only i could make happen, and i wouldn't have to rely on anyone else to make them happen. they were achievable, and with the help of borrow my doggy and my trainer helping me find classes i enjoy, i have successfully kept both of these promises throughout 2017. 

i think part of what made them so achievable was that they were things that i wanted to happen, and that i knew would make me feel better; to be a better person. this year i've got a few more promises, goals, resolutions, or whatever you want to call them, to set and keep, and i'm making them super achievable once more:

participate in veganuary

i've been thinking about this one for a while. i don't really eat very much meat anyway, and in a bid to be kinder to the environment, i've decided to give it a go. i signed up officially so i can stay accountable, and also set up a just giving page so it can all be for an extra doubly good cause. i've done a big fat vegan shop, planned my recipes, educated myself on what i can and can't have, and.. i feel good! i'm confident that one month will fly by, and i hope to be able to continue a plant-based lifestyle into the new year.

get on top of my fitness

it's no secret i am not happy about my weight gain from 2017, so this year, i'm tackling it as a priority. with help from my new plant-based diet, i hope to lose a few pounds anyway, but i've also upped my gym game and talked to my trainer about weekly sessions rather than fortnightly. we have a cardio and weight plan, and i have found a few classes that i really like attending, and i'm looking forward to sticking with my 2-per-week minimum attendance, and any more i can squeeze in on top.

do more for charity

last year i joined the csr committee at work, and outside of work did as much charity stuff as i could - but it wasn't really enough. when i say "as much as i could" that really only means: donating clothes and money, volunteering twice for local london charities, and signing up to be an online support for people struggling and wanted someone to talk to. it's a lot more than some, but not enough for me, really. this year i am planning to "befriend" an older person in my area, for weekly catch ups and hang outs, and whatever they need help with, as well as working with age uk on telephone friending. that'll be one half hour chat a week with an elderly person in the uk, and i'm looking forward to that too. i wish there was more i could do for animals, so that's something i'll be looking into too - all on top of the csr work through work and the monthly donations i already have set up to veganuary, british heart, and rspca. 

so, 2018 will keep me busy, for sure, but i can't wait to get started on it all! i'd love to know what small goals you've got set for yourself this year, if any? do remember that a new year does not mean that unresolved goals from the last do not make you a failure - some goals take longer to achieve than others, and setting unrealistic time frames doesn't help anyone. so, the new year is the perfect chance to refocus your energy into smashing through your to-do list, or un-finished goals. you can do this!

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