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4 January 2018


i managed eight overseas trips last year, and ten domestic ones. there are still more than thirty, maybe forty places on my must-see travel bucket list that i'll get to eventually, and this year i have three already booked in, with a few more still left to finalise. when i saw that what i spend on travel around london every month could actually pay for another overseas trip - not to mention what else i could be spending that money on instead, it actually made me really irrationally angry! and so, despite the fact i'm tired and miss my bed like crazy when i'm away, i'm determined to tick off some pretty awesome places this year...


the girls and i are taking a winter sun vay-cay to paphos in february. it'll be my first trip of the new year, and another new country to boot! very excited about this one, because mediterranean food (and sun) are some of the best in the world, and i'm excited to have another bangarang adventure too; almost a year to date since our first trip to bucharest last year!


a smaller group of us are headed to the canaries in march for a few nights, after we picked up some suuuper cheap flights in the black friday sale. i've never been to the spanish islands, and of all of them, we seemed to have picked the one that will terrify me the most: fuerteventura. i hate volcanos, and well, the island is the result of one. so, that'll be fun. there's also wine, which will help.


how is it i've still not made it to greece? i mean, it's right there, and i've been all around it a few times, so it's high time i booked a trip there. think of all the great photos i am missing out on by not planning this trip. i don't know where to start, but i know i'd prefer islands to mainland. if you have any suggestions, leave them for me below! i need all the advice i can get.


my big trip last year was japan, and it was the reminder i needed that not all breaks need to be quick and efficient. i'd like to try and have a big trip once a year now, as it's more time to actually relax, unwind, explore, and have fun, before coming back to the real world. this year, i'd like to make it to nyc as a priority. i was supposed to be in nyc for my 30th, but as my ex and i broke up within a few months of that, i sold on my tickets to his cousin - i'll be 34 this year, and still not planned a follow up trip.. well, until this past week when my best mate and i started planning nyc for this september! exciting!


lapland has been on the list for years now, as a possible winter city break destination. i'd love to stay in an ice hotel, take a dog sled adventure, visit santa's workshop, see the northern lights (again)... i've still never been to finland, and this baltic country is one that you have to see in your lifetime. ice, snow, dogs, vodka.. what a combo! 

there are a bunch of others i'd like to get to this year too - bosnia for one, and tuscany for another, but i'd also quite like to relax more in london, and also save some money. so, i don't think i'll be taking as many trips this year as the last few, but that's ok. i'm going to make the trips i do take count for more by being well rested and excited when i take them, instead of tired and grumpy. so, i'm excited to kick start another year of travel planning! tell me, where are you heading this year?

**post written in collaboration with loveholidays - because i do. love holidays.

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