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26 July 2018

call me by my name

i'm pretty sure that thanks to one miss carrie bradshaw, more than half the population was wearing a name necklace back in the mid 2000s. i know i did, in one variation or another, until about a year and a half ago when my latest iteration of necklace finally gave up on me and the chain was irreversibly damaged. since then, i moved onto my zeal and heart numbers and haven't looked back since. the change from name to personalised pendant was a nice and refreshing one; finally i wasn't getting things caught on the points in my name, i wasn't having total strangers use my name without warning, and i was able to resume some level of anonymity. well, that is until this week.

because this week i welcomed the latest in a long line of name necklaces into my life, thanks to the online jeweller onecklace. the choice of metal was a tough one - because, while i've always gone for silver, i'm also very much a fan of pink, so the toss up was this: silver or rose gold. i think we all know which way my heart went, and when my 18" statement "erica" turned up in all its pastel perfect during the week, i coulda squealed with excitement.

i finally made the switch back to wearing my name on my neck on saturday, and haven't looked back since. i do love my zeal and heart pendants, they're personal and meaningful and all those warm and fuzzy things, but.. i love my name; my parents did really well, i think. i'm the only erica i know, the only one in my whole agency, the only one a lot of people know first hand. i've known a couple of erikas in my time, friends of friends (or sisters of friends, in one case), but never had another erica to compete with in any circle of friends. so, yeah: my parents did good, and i'm proud of my name. and, if we're gonna go there, of who i am, too.

birkenstocks via asos | skirt via tk maxx | tee via primark | necklace c/o onecklace | bag via skinnydip london

rumour has it that i was gonna be a "wolfgang" if my dad had had his way (and i was a boy, i assume), so i think i got pretty lucky in the name game, and so i am pretty happy to wear it loud and proud around my neck, and near my heart. it's the closest thing i have to having my mum with me at all times, too, so in that sense, i suspect it is also supposed to make me excellent at budgeting and cooking a roast potato. time will tell on that, though...