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13 July 2018

london nights out | musical bingo at concrete

i've said it before, and i'll say it again, but if you're looking for london's funnest night out, then you should look no further than musical bingo at concrete, in shoreditch. when i heard that my beloved club night was turning 11, i just knew i had to make a special appearance - no matter the weather (reader, it's hotter than hell right now), and maybe this time, even make a date of it. and before you start the curious line of questioning around what musical bingo even is, it's this: regular bingo, but with better music. and booze.

the girls at work have been with me since the start of the year, and we still hadn't yet had a proper good team night out. none of them had been to musical bingo before either, so we saw this as a sign; it was time to have a team bonding sesh where i could have the opportunity to embarrass myself just that little bit more than normal, and give them yet another reason to question everything i tell them..! we started with dinner and drinks upstairs of concrete, at pizza east, then donned our party hats and party shoes, and headed downstairs, took our seats, cracked open the bubbles, and waited for the party to get started! actually, i think they were waiting for *us* to get the party started, but that's the first time my punctuality has ever been taken into question...

round after round, song after song, we danced. we danced on tables, on the stage, in the rafters - by the end of the night we were dancing with helium letter balloons, confetti gun totally empty, and streamers stuck to the sweat on our hot bodies. we cheered on outrageous challenges, we laughed at incredible dance-offs and tacky prizes, and we celebrated when the mighty charcoal bbq prize was scooped up, leaving the two tickets to bestival up for grabs. with three squares still to go, i was beaten to the punch once more, but still left with a pain in my belly from laughing, and a pain in my foot from life. and also dancing.

so like i say, if you're looking for london's funnest night out, then i'd say you've found it. we were guests of the crazy team behind musical bingo, but only because i asked if they'd have be back. lucky for me, they like me as much as i like them... find their next event here (hint: not just in london!).

photos stolen from the musical bingo facebook page. cringe!