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16 July 2018

under foot

if you're a follower of my instagram (and if you're not, what's wrong with you? my stories are hilarious, if i do say so myself), you'll know i've been having some foot pain. since that first hint of summer sparked a big walk down to the horniman museum in forest hill, i've had a pain in my right foot, a bit like that sharp pain you get when you stand on the pointy-end of a plug, or a giant bit of lego. yeah, that, but every day. it's agonising, and it's totally changed my gait. i hobble pathetically after long spells of sitting, and often have to ice my foot's heel after a big day of walking - when i can actually get through a big day of walking, that is.

i mentioned my symptoms and did a bit of research, and basically self-diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis (and, as of last friday, seconded by my gp too). it's not uncommon for folks with flat feet who do a lot of walking, and i presented a lotttt of the symptoms - i was quite sure that's what it was, so started practising a lot of the recommended stretches prescribed to alleviate the pain, and yeah, it sort of helped. i've just about doubled my wardrobe of trainers, from heeled ones to flat ones and comfy ones that i can walk about easily in, but.. in the heat, i've not wanted to wear socks and shoes to work! i want sandals! but the only sandals i have are my saltwaters, and they don't have much support - no matter how comfy they are to wear normally.

so, i did some research, to see what comfy sandals existed in the universe that weren't too hideous and medical-looking, and the internet responded. clarks! fit-flop! sketchers! turns out, there's a whole world out there of decent, trendy-looking sandals that also offer the arch support i need, as well as a comfy sole that i can walk about for hours in, so i started window shopping. and then i realised how effing expensive most of these places are - for reasons that are probably explained in my last sentence, but without a lot of money to spare i knew what i should do: ebay.

shoes* : clarks via ebay | top : h&m | skirt : george at asda

i do love ebay, the trouble is i always forget about it. it's definitely not just the asian warehouse bargains and second-hand clothes it used to be, and now it's surely something of a veritable mine of exclusive bargains and sales, and i have spent far too many hours scouring the categories over the last few days, trying to find the perfect pair/s of summer sandals. i guess one of the biggest problems with ebay is that you can't refund if you change your mind or it doesn't fit, if the item was bought from a private seller and not a shop; so, be sure about what you buy!

these sandals though? oh so comfy. and, thanks to cash-back provider wikibuy, i made a nice little saving on top of the purchase too. i'm always looking for a new way to "save" when i spend, and cash back sites are just one of the easiest things you can think of. i have chrome extensions that just alert me to when i can save money by buying through a cashback site, and take me direct to the coupon page. so easy! but i digress. the sandals. a little nanna-y, but you know what? i wore them all day while preparing and hosting a picnic at my place at the weekend, and didn't hobble once. not once.

i also didn't need to ice or stretch my foot that night, and i was gagging to put them on again to just walk from my room to the bathroom and back, as it was like walking on a cloud! so, you know what? i don't actually care anymore, about how nanna-y they look, because right now, comfort is key. and, i've got the key (i've got the secreeeet).

*written in collaboration with brand.