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17 January 2020

how to install a sliding-door wardrobe

*this post contains a complimentary service, though all words are mine*

since even viewing the flat way back when, i knew a sliding-door wardrobe would be a necessity for the space. there's the perfect spot for it in the bedroom, and no other storage to speak of, so i've window shopping wardrobes for ages knowing that it was a "nice to have" feature and not something that would need to have been purchased within the first few months.

I previously had a clothes rail which was nice a sturdy, and did the trick in previous spaces, but with the new paint job and furniture in the room, the open-look of dresses hanging haphazardly was kinda of.. annoying, and off-putting, and didn't really give the overall look i was going for (which was "adult", in a nutshell).

so, i've been casually window looking for the perfect wardrobe for months. i measured the space, drew floor plans of how it would fit in and look in the room, and knew what i was looking for. sadly for me, the thing i wanted, doesn't exist affordably. the next best thing was ikea, but even then - their sliding door wardrobes only come in certain sizes and didn't fit the space i had. frustratingly, i turned to my trusty friend argos, and found almost exactly what i was looking for.

what argos can't provide though, is a furniture assembly service, and that's where i answer your original question of: how to install a sliding-door wardrobe.

step one: find the wardrobe, and have it delivered. step two: get in touch with fantastic services* who will literally do it all for you. you may remember that fantastic services helped me move into this flat too, through their end of tenancy cleaning service, and have also helped others with their house moves, and with general handy-people skills - among a whole list of skills and services they offer.

on the day of installation, the team turned up (on time, in london - unheard of) and were so quick and efficient that they did the job in almost half of the time they had been booked for. they barely made a sound while they were in the flat, refused all kinds of drinks from me, wanting to just get the job done for me as quickly as possible, and they even fixed my bed for me once they noticed how poorly put together it was (by me, obvs) - without so much as a feign of refusal from me. honestly, i continue to be grateful for the services i am able to order at the touch of a button, because there is just so much i can't (nay: won't) do by myself. putting together large pieces of furniture is one of those things.

now, back to the wardrobe. what the hoslted fitted wardrobe doesn't have, is inner drawers. you can buy them separately, but they're ugly as sin so i didn't. instead, i opted for clear plastic boxes to store my heavy winter jumpers in while being lovingly hidden away behind the mirrored doors. so far, this hasn't annoyed me. there's still time, though. i am constantly on the hunt for a better solution, but until i find it.. this will do.

so, that's that. all the furniture is in. most of the walls are painted. i'm six months into an undisclosed amount of time in this flat, and who knows what the next big project will be. what i do know is, i'll always have fantastic services on hand if i need them! and, so can you! if you fancy a hand getting something done around the house, use my handy referral link to score £10 off your first purchase with them.

*they kindly gifted this furniture assembly service, though at £140 it was still cheaper than the ikea assembly or quotes i had from other, random handy people. so, gifted or not, it was still going to be the best solution for me!

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