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9 April 2012

in another life

i have been thoroughly lazy this easter long weekend. despite having 4 whole days to do all of those things i had wanted to do, or planned to do (read: nothing), boyfriend an i managed to leave the house only once. i find solace in the fact that it was sucky weather out and i was in no mood for battling with cold after the previous weekend when i was unprepared for the *uncharacteristic* weather in liverpool.

i would like to have have some awesome news to talk about, but the best news i have after this weekend is that I BOUGHT A HOT GLUE GUN! yes, that's right. once upon a time, i used to be quite the crafter. i would make accessories and alter vintage finds until the cows came home. recently though, i have been too caught up in the whole 'move half way across the side of the world and start a new life' malarky that i may have forgotton momentarily how awesome i am at doing those things, BUT never fear as the bug has well and truly been caught once again.

having had a LOT of time to research this weekend (read: catch up on my fave blogs, and discover new ones) i have been inspired. i'm not quite sure how to put links/favourites up on here yet, but here are a few of my current girl crushes whose blogs are inspiring and TWEE:
                         little chief honeybee
i was so mad at myself earlier today while reading honeybee's blog that i felt compelled to email her. i've never actually been so affected by someone's writing that i've wanted to physically contact them directly. (as a side note: it's actually quite funny timing, as i was talking to one of my favourite humans in this world earlier today on skype, and i got to meet her new little man and catch up with her middle and big men too, and after hanging up after about an hour boyfriend said to me, "there will be tears today, won't there?" i kinda shrugged it off cos, although i miss her and my other mates at home dearly and not a day goes by where i dont think about them, what they're doing in their lives and wonder if they are thinking about me, it felt really GOOD to talk to her, so i dunno - i didnt see tears on the horizon. but then again, it is me and those things can't ever really be ruled out.) but something i read about her really hit home for me emotionally, and drove me to her 'contact me' page and sent her an email telling her just that.

this girl is only 23 years old, has a degree, multiple online shops, a toddler, a successful almost-marriage, a gorgeous loft and also AH-MAZING STYLE. originally it was her style that caught my eye, but reading about her made me a)really inspired, and b)really jealous. she is a high-street addict like me. she has a dresses+cardis+tights fettish, like me. she never wears jeans, has curly red hair and a thousand tattoos... like me. oh wait, she is the more awesome version of me. how depressing! to find the cooler you ON THE INTERNET! waaaah! i suppose if you're to find your more-awesome universe twin, then better it be on the internet than down the local where everyone is free to openly judge and make comment about "naww that's so cute how you both have the same shoes, i just never really noticed yours cos, like, her hair is so awesome you can't help but notice her!" (silently judging my boring brown hair)

now... i would never say that i am unhappy with me life - cos i'm not. i live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, i have have had 12 addresses in 5 years, seen only some of the world and its wonderful sights, i have a dozen amazing people in my life, and a dozen more awesome people somewhere else. i have a NEW JOB, a nice house, a hot glue gun, a healthy metabolism and i have an amazing boyfriend - i'm not complaining. i'm just.. disappointed that i didn't aim higher for ME back when i should have. i know they always say 'it's never too late!' but, what do they know? what have they ever done? who ARE they, anyway? gr. again, not whinging, just a tad devo seeing some truly ace kids out there doing their actual thang, while i'm sat on the couch eating popcorn and left over chicken wings cos i haven't been to the grocery store yet cos the liverpool hotel took my deposit and spent it on drugs (they didn't, but they haven't refunded the deposit yet) (they may have spent it on fixing the elevator. in which case i'm ok with it cos that was super annoying)..i havent even painted my nails yet! O.M.G.

my POINT is; i bought a hot glue gun, some fabric and bulk some hair clips cos i'm going to start crafting again. for me, to start with, and if they're any good i might give them away too. if they're really good i may even sell them. wouldnt THAT be neat! well, time will tell. keep your peepers peeled for that particular day.

until then, thanks for being there - sat on the other side of this screen, reading my ramblings.

erica x