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29 April 2012


apologies for not being about - my excuse is a combination of laziness and boredom and .. well, i've not really been in the mood for life this week - d-day is upon me and i've been stressing about it for a while. we've known for ages it was happening, but as we get closer to it, it becomes a whole lot more real.... 

*holds breath in anticipation*

my mum is coming to visit from australia.

i haven't seen her since christmas 2010 when i left australia, and boyfriend has never met (besides a skype date they once had to break the ice). my mum  is the easiest-going mum in the world, and i miss her a lot and can't wait to see her and for her to bring me clothes i forgot i had, and make me lasagne, but more to show her around my new town, the sights, the markets, the things i love to see and do. it's gonna be fun having her here and hanging out, but, there's something about having your parents coming into your adult world that makes you revert to a child-like state.

i am a grown up. i've lived out of home since I was 22. i've clothed, fed, and cleaned myself for the best part of the last 6 years, but the thought of my mum seeing where i live and how i eat and what i wear makes me instantly thing i look like a tramp and live in squalor - this literally could not be further from the truth. nevertheless, a week before she arrived, i looked around and decided a)we don't have enough scented candles, b)our sofa cover is hideous, c)our bathroom is mismatched, d)we don't even have a peeler, e)i need a new dress, f)THE HOUSE IS SOOOO MESSY! g)we don't clean enough.

most of that is irrational. what sort of candle quota does your home have? wah! never the less, i had it in my head that my life is not good enough and would need to be improved by the time mama visits. i told boyfriend this, who instantly thought me mentally unstable but was very understanding (i think he's more nervy than me at this stage) so we decided we would put the weekend to good use and buy some home improvements on saturday and then spend sunday cleaning in preparation.

after work on friday i ran quickly to F21 as i haven't been there in ages and was getting withdrawals. while i was shopping i kept getting texts from my mates at work who had all gone out to celebrate... it being friday or payday, or a combination of the two. they were begging me to come - although i was determined to give the drinks a miss this time, it felt nice to hear that they wanted me there. so, i finished up my shopping then popped in (to a lovely warm welcome!) for 'one or two' drinks with my mates...

saturday morning we headed of bright and early off to.. you got it, bromley! headed straight for primark's home department to stock up on candles, towels, sheets, throws, cushions... a whole heap of junk i don't need. thankfully, i managed to have a clear moment of thought a put a LOT of stuff back, but, did get a few bits a pieces i am not too ashamed to let my mum see in my house, and still be proud that she done brought me up a goodun.

when we got home, boyfriend settled into watch the football while i got on prettifying the house. satisfied with the sweetly scented candles and new purple bathroom decor and cath kidston inspired kitchen wares, i got on with dying my hair and painting my nails. completely un-inspired this week. i did pick up a new matt baby pink which i was keen to experiment with, but as i went on it looked soooo pretty that i decided not to mess with it. i added my disco gold top coat and the random white nail thrown in for good luck, and then before i knew it - strawberries and cream, barbie glitter nails! voila!

while i waited for them to dry, we ordered some dinner online through just eat - we settled for turkish cos boyfriend wanted a kebab and i was fiending for a mixed  iskender-type meal. the good thing about just eat is that is gives you a comments section where you can ask them to amend your meal to the perfect specification, and also lets you dictate exactly what you do and don't want in your meal.


despite the order reading: NO ONIONS, I AM ALLERGIC (not allergic in the traditional, i'll blow up and be itchy type allergy, it's more that my body refuses to digest it, or any member of it's family), the meal came FULL Of slimy, garlic sauce drenched ONIONS. i was seething. i re-read my receipt to make sure i had ordered the right thing - which i had. boyfriend got to picking out each and every onion out of my meal all the while me refusing to touch it, let alone eat it. furious! yelling. storming. slamming. he offered to call them, not thinking i would let him. i let him. (he was only trying to help!) he explains to the person on the phone, who then puts on the manager, who then tells boyfriend that 'no, there can't be any onions, i made it myself, you're wrong'. this. pushed. boyfriend. over the edge. 'I'M WRONG? HOW CAN I BE WRONG WHEN I AM STARING AT A PILE OF ONIONS THAT I JUST PULLED OUT OF THE KEBAB?' this made me feel insta-better. finally, he's mad like me. we're both mad. about a kebab. (we need to get out more) after being told a few more times that we were wrong, and being told we were just trying to get free food (free? FREE? pretty sure i paid for it, you just made it wrong) the manager tells boyfriend he is too busy to argue and that he would send the right one. meanwhile i'm eating the chicken out of the old kebab in actual entertainment of what's happening in my house. an hour later, the kebab has still not materialised and most of the chicken has been devoured when there's a knock at the door

the delivery guy informs us he has to take the old kebab back in lieu of the new one, or his manager would make him pay for the new one. do i LOOK impressed? uhmm.. no, sorry delivery guy, but we didn't know you were coming, so i ate around the mistake your 'manager' sent. he keeps repeating he has to take something back so we tipped all the left over onions and pita and salad into the box and give it to him, and HE OPENS IT UP TO SEE WHAT'S IN IT. he then questions me about it. 'i thought you said it was a chicken shish, not a chicken donner' 'THIS IS THE POINT! YOU SENT US THE WRONG ORDER' 'this isn't what we brought you'.................................*seeing red*

i instantly decided this was all some hilarious joke. i threw the kebab at the delivery guy yelling 'WE DON'T WANT ANY OF IT!!!!!!!!' and slammed the door in his face. i am not proud, but i was so mad. i instantly wrote a letter of complaint to just eat (to which i still haven't received a reply) detailing my second disappointing experience with their website, and then decided koppaberg and toast would make a sufficient dinner. what a night!

in other news, the rain was soooo loud last night that we had to sleep in the lounge cos our bedroom window has a metal window pane and the one in the lounge room doesn't.

today we cleaned. a lot. our house looks soooo pretty. and smells like vanilla and cupcakes. and is tidy and dust free and it makes me happy and i wish it stayed this clean. because we have wood floors, it's hard. all the dirt from outside, my hair, dust.. everything just collects. boyfriend hates to vacuum, but he's so good at it :)

two more sleeps til the mama arrives. tomorrow night we're going to the comedy store with a group from work - that should be a laugh! (see what i did there? again?) then i am going to stay at bex's cos she lives near the tube that will take me to heathrow on tuesday morning. by morning i mean 5 am. she arrives at 6. six a.m. tuesday is going to be a loooong day. but it will be good. unless the rain doesn't stop. then it will be wet.

the laptop is about to go flat. i will leave it there.

have a great week!

e x