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21 April 2012

last friday night

so... i won a bar tab during the week, for friday night. it was not for our local, but rather a place in soho we used to goto a lot after work. piccadilly institute. we used to go there a lot because they used to give us a lot of free drinks. by accident. once they worked this out, we stopped going there. simple really. anyway, i won a £100 bar tab which i was told we could use in happy hour, meaning we actually got £200 to spend..amaze, or so we thought.

after i'd arrange for about a fazillion people from work to come who i each owe at least a drink to, it was explained to me that 'actually' the deal was £100 worth of drinks, meaning that it would be only £50 worth at happy hour prices. don't get me wrong, that is still PLENTY of drinks, and there were about 12 of us so still managed to get one for everyone there, plus a few spares. but, when i explained my unhappiness to the manager, who completely agreed with me that the way it had been explained to me initially sounded more accurate than what was currently being explained, she offered to get us another round of beers AND a top hat full of a delicious cocktails. so, we did pretty well anyway really, and no-one went without, which was what i was scared of. some of us probably did a bit too well, but.. we all had fun none-the-less.

a few sneaky people bought me drinks as a thank you - not realising this was my thank you to them. so.. totally redundant and who-owes-who now? time will tell.

i wore my recent eBay purchase, a sweet apricot chiffon 50's style dress, complete with heart cut-out back. so cute! took a few sneaky loo-at-work pics (as usual) to demonstrate its cuteness. see:

after working in it all day and partying all night, i was horrified to discover in the bathroom mirror that the main construction seam in the bust had completely pulled apart. super annoyed. had to put my cardigan back on to cover the disaster. the lining is still in tact, but the dress is ruined as the fabric has slightly torn as it pulled away at the seam. so sad! especially as i was going to buy it's sister, in blue. i have emailed the seller to let them know - seeing as this was the first wear i'll be really annoyed if i can't exchange it. being that it's eBay probably the best i can do it give them bad feedback. the perils of online shopping!

after this discovery i was in no mood to carry on, and it was near on 11 and we'd been out since 5 so we left and hurried to the station for hommmme. all news reports this morning confirm a good time was had by all.. a very good time even had by some *wink wink*. i made some new friends too, so it was a success on all accounts.

today i was up early again, and bex had just leant me the first 2 of the 'the hunger games' series, so i got on that about 9ish. i couldnt. put it. down. it was SO GOOD. i literally read the whole day, leaving my bed to wee, feed, and get another drink. i had about 20 mins break all up, and finished the book just after 5. a solid day's reading, and i felt good too! wasn't bored by it once. sometimes when i commit to reading something, i read just to read, and end up skipping bits and skim reading rather than being involved wholeheartedly. this one kept my attention the whole goddamn time. the ending was a bit.........lacklustre BUT we do know there are another 2 to crack through. perhaps i will start on 'catching fire' tomorrow...

i also have my nails to attend to. and i still haven't received my clips from eBay to be able to finish of my current project. so.. bit annoying really. carry-on i must. tomorrow's adventure might see me leave the house. wouldn't that be novel?

pray for me.

erica x