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14 April 2012

my thrifty day

today it was decided that we would go thrifting so i could put my new crafting equipment to good use. i was after fabrics, accessories or nic-nacs that could be reinvented or rejuvenated into something better with some extra loving.

i was up early this morning despite having quite the night last night. we had some going away drinks after work for 2 lovely ladies who are moving on to pastures new. we had a few tables booked out at our local, where they are verrrry generous to us, and so had a number of drinks on them, and then on whoever else was buying them after that. we usually take advantage of their happy hour prices until it ends then leave, but as we had had a number of drinks supplied on the house, then happy hour prices, people were more than happy to spend a bit (i say that, but have spent nothing but £6 on chicken and chips for boyfriend and i when we got home near midnight).

so boyfriend and i headed off around lunchtime, after catching up on our shows like we do every saturday morning. since both the 'shores' (geordie and jersey) have finished, we're left with glee, new girl and criminal minds plus a couple hundred of grimm which boyfriend is really loving at the moment. we only watched glee and new girl then headed out as the sun was out, it was warm(ish) and i wanted to get some vitamin d.

at the first thrift shop in bromley i found a great little swing top with pink roses and lace detail for £3 and a navy blue leather-look bag for £3, a black snakeskin belt plus sophia kinsella's new book 'twenties girl'.. £8 all up - not a bad spend! the second and third shops were not as successful, although i did pick up a purple tie which i thought could be used as scrap fabric for... something. we then headed to primark for some cheap goodies to revamp - bags, accessories, shoes, etc. but instead found a cute little dress on sale, a flowery top, a couple of belts, a pair of coral peep toe shoes, some scarves........all under £24! having worked up an enormous appetite we stopped in on subway for some grub, then hit up the fabric stall in the market. i grabbed a couple lengths of ribbon, some more thread, grabbed some white nail polish from boots (for experimenting) and finallllly picked up some fresh flowers from the market on the way home. overall, a decent haul for under £30!

wish me luck!

e x