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11 December 2012

amazing MUA offers

well well well, don't i have something a little special for you today. for those of you not familiar with emma and her fab blog, you may not have seen this offer yourselves yet - but let me make your day! aspiring beauty bloggers unite, as MUA have reached over 40,000 facebook likes they are offering 40% off their online range with the code MUA40. not only that, but for all orders over £10, they are throwing in a bonus 5 nail polishes... what a great offer!

here's what i picked up (so far):

what a bloody noob though - i thought the discount was already applied and so didn't enter the code at the checkout! i still got my bonus polishes, but i didn't score the disount! learn from my mistake and make sure you enter the code before you pay!

thankfully i was able to pick some extra stuff up in the order of my other mother liz, so also scored myself these little beauties - with the discount this time!

all in all, and even with the postage costs, i nabbed myself all this for under £15 (much less if you're not an idiot). not too bad for some last minute chrissy presents..... oh who am i kidding, i'm keeping them all for myself.

[edit] i have been in contact with simon at their customer services office who has SUPER KINDLY refunded me the value of discount i should have been entitled to! am hoping i can still score the free gift, but either way i am really happy with this fantastic service! i might have to buy all of the things as a way of saying thank you!

[edit 2.0] i still get the freebies even though i didn't spend the extra couple of pounds! this day is good!