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9 December 2012

getting into the christmas spirit

today has been spent in a right chrimbo mood. after the obligatory sunday morning catch up with my dear mother in australia through my ever-failing skype, boyfriend and i set about getting the tree up! because our land lady lives with us now, we weren't sure on her feelings of a tree, but as it turns out, she's never even had  a tree before and was well up for it!

we spent the next hour or so moving the lounge about and making room for the tree from last year, and started to build and separate the wiry branches. after a while, i sat back and watched boyfriend meticulously place the lights in a very orderly fashion around every second branch, taking special care to not make any part of it look 'too bald'. too funny! i forgot that all the decorations we bought last year are pink and purple, so this made me a verrrrry happy girl!

with the tree all done, we've spent the last few hours wrapping, wrapping, wrapping... we're all done thought! it feels good being this christmas ready with at least a few more weeks to go! all we need now is the food and drink for christmas dinner.

sweet relief! this christmas seems too easy.

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