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can you believe it's already new year's eve? seriously, it feels like only a few months ago we were doing this christmas song and dance, and yet... here we are. looking back, this year was pretty good. it was the year i started this here blog, the year my mum came to visit (for a long time), the year i started a new and exciting job*, there was some travelling highlights and lowlights, an anniversary, and lots of fun with the royals. there were new friends, old ones that left for pastures new, and the best ones that are unrelenting and reliable as always. 

this year i started crafting again, and started by making bows. i then made so many i started selling them to friends. soon enough, my friends were tired of my sales pitch, so i opened my shop. it's early days still, but a few sales in, and i'm happy to see the post go out, with my hand made bows en route to their new owner.

2012 saw the mass flood of people to instagram after everyone's favourite dark lord took over our once-cool photo-sharing site and allowed it to become overrun by naked spammers. this year i figured out how to use twitter properly, and started a facebook page for this here blog. it's basically been a social media frenzy for me this year.

this year was also my 2 year milestone of being in london.. another year that crept up on me! usually by the 2 year mark i'm getting itchy feet and start dreaming of 'home'.. now though, it feels like i am home. i really do love london, and - except for a holiday for a friend's wedding next year, i have no plans to go back to australia any time soon (much to my mother and friends' horror).

here are my (many, many) highlights:

january saw boyfriend and i head to brighton for the day. it was freezing, but fantastic!

in february it snowed for the first time since i had been in london, and it was the most fun! EVER!

march took us to liverpool for rebekah's birthday, and we took in the amazing beatles tour. BEST.

may saw our 1 year anniversary, and also the mama arrived from australia, so we headed to the country!

in june the mother and i headed to paris! we also partied with the royals, and 2 million other revellers!

july was quiet to make up for all the partying, but we managed some backyard picnics and cheap days out with carmen, chris and mark to keep us occupied.

august had me with pink hair, and have to say goodbye to my work mother...*saaad*

september was birthday month, and was full of drinking, cream tea, gigs and meeting some cool artists at the london tattoo convention.

october saw the best reunions, more gigs, rooftop cinema (like, totally) and halloween!

bex, boyfriend and i headed to the cotswolds in november, and i bought a curling wand. never to be used again...

in december i got a haircut... for the first time in a long time, and was told i looked like garth, from wayne's world.. rebekah and i went to morocco, and had a ball! boyfriend and i went to budapest, and i gained a jumper obsession. oh, and lots of presents!

all in all, this year has been eventful, and full of fun things. if 2013 brings with it half of what 2012 did, then i will remain one happy girl.

now.. about tonight.. someone sort me a cab, yeah?

*hello to any managers or hr members reading..


  1. Happy new year! Its been great hearing about someone who's done the moving to the other side of the world thing, the other way!

  2. Ohhh, NZ Christmases are the best though! Hope you had a great New Years x

  3. Looks like a good year to me! I'm very glad you started this blog, it's a good read

    Also, if there is only one thing I take away from this post with me, it is this: OMG THERE IS A SQUIRREL ON THAT PERSONS LEG, DO YOU SEE THAT!

    I wish squirrels liked me that much xx

    1. ohh man, your blog was one of the reasons i did start blogging, so i'm suuuuuper happy to have read that. also, that squirrel ran up not just her (my mum's) leg, but boyfriends and mine IF i had let it. i was in tights. there was no way a friggen squirrel was going up my thinly covered legs! st. james' park. they LOVVVE tourists. slash, being fed. x


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