19 December 2012

my jumper obsession

right now, i think i have a pretty unhealthy relationship with my wardrobe. it seems to have stemmed from when i had underpacked wardrobe-wise in marrakech. i literally went shopping for warm clothes the day i got back, like somehow i was trying to cleanse my wardrobe for being so awfully unprepared for cold weather. like, what have i been wearing for winters past? well, if instagram is anything to go by (and, it is. for now).. i was in cardis for 11 out of 12 months last year. there was one exceptionally warm month where i had bare shoulders and tuck-shop-lady arms, but besides that, i have a pretty solid dress+cardi regime. since my return from the (very) north of africa about 2 weeks ago, where i was pretty darn cold, i have bought 5 new jumpers. 3 of them have glittery yarn, one is novelty and one of them is yellow. they have been in basic and constant rotation. with skirts. with dresses. with boots, or flats. with a collar, or without. like... who knew that you could just throw a jumper on over anything?! clearly not me. until now. take a look for yourselves....
mustard yellow, on sale h&m for a fiver

baby pink, and long on sale h&m for a tenner

magenta and sparkly. again, h&m for £7

same as the baby pink, but in neautral... you won't believe it's from h&m for a tenner

then there's this bad boy. it has a zebra. from primark...£4

have you got something you need to get off your chest? go on, you're among friends now.


  1. You look so lovely in jumpers. I just look like a fat frump, a cold fat frump. Love them all! x

    1. SHUSH! i want your dotty primark one - i always look, but can never find it.... x

  2. I love a good jumper! My sister and I have this thing where we just can't admit how cold we are - EVER! Haha we literally wear short shorts nearly all year round, just willing summer to return. Usually you will see us in the middle of winter wearing short shorts and a jumper with boots - clearly we are cold but there is no way we will let winter win by wearing long pants.


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