renegade craft fair at the old truman brewery

i headed out on sunday - despite the bloody awful weather, and made my way to the old truman brewery for this year's renegade craft fair. i've been a couple times now, and each time i look forward to seeing the designers and makers i've followed on instagram for what seems like forever, selling their wares in the flesh. i always know i'll come back with a handful of business cards and instagram handles and etsy shop names to check out when i get home, and i know, i just know, that i will always miss out on finding something excellent.

i found some of the notonthehighstreet regulars - hello harriet, oh no rachio! (i finally snapped up a totes! tote from rachel) and ladybird likes, but sadly missed out on seeing a favourite laser cut jewellery designer/maker of mine, kim from finest imaginary. i did however discover a new favourite shop this weekend - and smile, run by pink-haired viktorija. a couple of her adorable hand drawn and painted brooches were snapped up for christmas present, but it wasn't until i got home that i realised she'd popped a little surprise in the bag for me! officially a new favourite, purely for the customer experience element.

i was only in the hall for less than an hour before i'd had enough. the crowds, the cold, my nose constantly running.. there was a lot to see, but sadly nothing i hadn't seen there last year. i suspect i need to broaden my indie designer/maker circle, and find some new artists to follow.

which are your favourite shops or makers to follow on instagram?
share them below.

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