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27 November 2014

#gigvember | a day to remember at the brighton centre

barely a picture was taken, and that is for a very good reason: we just had too much bloody fun. let me start at the beginning...

we'd headed back to the room earlier in the day with a couple of bottles of pink bubbles to kick start the party. with the set-list from the night before safely updated and turned into a spotify playlist, we watched the all blacks defeat the scots while we sang along - loudly, as we readied. when the game was over, we headed out... locally, before popping along to the gig. we were literally staying one block along from the venue, and the closest watering hole from us was... a revolutions bar.

assuming it would be cheap and cheerful and have no dress code to speak of (i was in trainers... gig lyfe!), we wandered in and grabbed a table in the middle of the room. rookie. error. behind us was a table of laaaads, who clocked us as soon as we'd walked in. it was barely 7:30, and they were completely wankered. while rebekah hit the bar, they hit (on) me. attacked, by a swarm of cockney lads on a day out at the beach. apparently there to 'wet the head' of a mate's new baby, we were trapped by the jug of cocktail rebekah came back with (couldn't have drank it faster if we tried), and the actual - physical grip, of a couple of the lads.

not best pleased with where their advances were heading, security soon clocked them and they were escorted out of the bar. not before a few 'heartfelt apologies' were offered, likely as pleas to be allowed to stay in the bar. no bueno, guys. before a sigh of relief could be had at the loss of their debauchery, a second group of guys were upon us. this time made up of two aussies and their new 'friend' (who they'd acquired hours earlier in a bar that his 'mates' had left him in - possibly the first note that this guy was not alright), who was bragging about how he was on the pull while his wife was at home.

cue: us two verbally shaming him in front of a room full of strangers, until the time came for us to leave; cackling like evil witches as we went. what the hell brighton! you're not the sleepy seaside town we expected! we rolled into the venue still laughing, and headed straight for the bar. correctly assessing that we were the oldest people in the venue (bar the lady taking tickets on the door, bless), we woefully made our way into the crowd to take in the rest of the support band, lower than atlantis, before the time came for our boys to take the stage....

i have no words.

seriously, no words. having been a fan of a day to remember since i was... i don't even know, they're one of the only bands left on the list of bands from my 'youth' that i had yet to see. i mean, i saw a lot of them at the time, but i've just missed seeing these guys at every turn. they played my favourite songs, from my favourite albums. they were gracious. they were tight. they were extraordinary. and the fans were so happy. it wasn't one of those awful gigs where the kids all want to kill each other and throw punches and no-one enjoys themselves, no. it was incredible. and, we walked (slightly.. uhm, sway-y) back to the hotel in total happiness. i can't speak for bex, but it was easily the best gig i've ever been to, and i am so pleased we did it.

seeing as they're back in the summer for download, i'm counting on a sideshow in london, because i want to do that again. well, just their part anyway. the rest of the night was just... weird.

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  1. Ah those men sound awful. And two groups of them! Good thing that the concert was so amazing!

  2. omg i have LOVED this series! ive not come across many bloggers that go to gigs as regularly as i do, or if they do they don't really talk about them, but this has been so fun reading about gigvember! :D x YAY but boo to the boys, UGH

  3. It sounds like a day to remember.

  4. What the hell Brighton! indeed.

  5. it really was... something to remember!

  6. oh YAY, I'm so pleased you liked hearing about it all - there'd one more to go...!



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