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14 November 2014

interiors | mellow yellow living

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while we were in oslo, rebekah and i joked about buying an "autumn house" there because of how yellow and pretty the streets were there (an autumn home is akin to a summer home, but in a different season, obvs), and how much nicer autumn is aesthetically. sure, blue skies and warm skin is nice, but yellow and orange and pink leaves scattered across grey cobbled footpaths are just the best. 

so, when it came to decorating our autumn house, we decided we'd do so accordingly, and in keeping with the season; greys and yellows. our first "purchase" was this soft grey sofa chair from cookes furniture living range, that looks undeniably comfy, and perfectly classic. we imagined all of the book (magazine) reading (flicking) that we'd do in front of our crackling open fire, while sipping warm beverages from the kitchen, while sitting in that sofa chair. we have such vivid imaginations, don't we.

if - for some reason, the fire was out, we'd definitely make sure our blanket and throw collection was second to none, and ensure it include a couple of heavy duty babies like this charcoal number. to spruce the comfort levels up, up, up, we picked out a couple of bright cushions from etsy to suit all our lounging requirements, and added them to our imaginary shopping basket. to brighten the place up and mimic our autumn house's exterior, we chose this lamp and mirror in the same bright yellow as the leaves outside on the streets. 

we felt the stag head wall feature from design55online was the perfect way to finish off our dream house, because when you think of autumn, you think woodland, and when you think woodland, you naturally think deers - amiright? yes, i'm right. the stag head in stark white would perfectly blend into the white white walls of our home-away-from-home, and we'd likely hang some cute and shit fairy lights off the antlers too; that;s just kind of how we roll.

please tell me that you too sometimes fall into deep black holes of imagination despair and do stupid stuff like plan to decorate, and then create polyvore mood boards for houses you'll never own?
oh, just me then.

*post written in collaboration with brand, all d├ęcor choices are mine*

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  1. I love this, I have a grey and turquoise theme but I do like grey and yellow together, it looks so chic!

    Maria xxx


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