w.i.w.t | to market, to market

when i saw my internet girl crush, erika (narcissism), instagram this picture of these incredible ankle boots from asos,* i knew i had to have them. they're so *not me* and yet, for some reason, i was drawn to them, and so later that day, they became mine. it's also worth noting that they were an incredible £21 down from and original £60, and that, my friends, is *very me*.

i've wondered to what to wear them with. they're snake skin, and most of my stuff is polka dot, or floral, or pink - at the very least. they deserve something muted so that they are the centre of attention. so, after spending saturday cleaning out my wardrobe and palming some stuff off to charity, i found a black skater dress (similar to pic) that hangs mostly unworn except for when i am having an off day, and forget who i am. it's kind of the perfect thing for these shoes though, and so i decided that i would wear the above outfit to renegade on sunday.

but then, it rained. like, non-stop rained. but, i'd already made this mood board and i wanted to share it because... it was raining and i didn't wear the shoes.

you needed to see the shoes.