the autumn shoe edit

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last week i talked about my new favourite boots and how i hadn't gone a day without wearing them since i bought them a few weeks back (i have now bought a second pair; totally necessary as i will be wearing these ones out, i can see it now); while i was off sick late last week i really got to thinking about tidying my shoe cupboard. i mean, i totally thought about cleaning my shoe cupboard, but i was far too congested to actually do it. plus, i don't like the idea of throwing shoes away, and i was just going to get emotional about all the shoes i have that i just don't wear anymore, so truly, i was better off just walking away. in my boots. which i did.

but later that day as i sat down (lies: as i climbed back into) on my bed, and stared thoughtfully at my stupid pile of shoes (i love you, shoes), i wondered how many of them were actually even practical. and i mean, i never, ever wonder that. i'm pretty logical most of the time, but when it comes to shoes, i'm uuuusually about about how cute they are, not how comfy or practical they are. but, being that it was mostly raining on that particular day, i was pretty limited to what i could wear out on my medicine run. hence, my new boots. they're waterproof and totally comfy (have i mentioned how great they are?). 

then my (over the counter) drug fuelled brain got to thinking about the perfect capsule shoedrobe. and then this polyvore board happened. because we all know that making polyvore boards is aaaalmost the same as buying all the things. and so, tada! here is the perfect amount of shoes for autumn. there's pink loafers and suedette brogues for wednesdays, pretty, leather-look (and totally bad ass) moccasins from reef for all those casual jaunts to the shops on dry days, more of my fave boots (ever, honest), leopard print slippers for those rare but necessary print-less days, a pair of classic tan brogues for school (heh heh), and a simple but cute (had to have an unnecessary pair, right?) pair of black ballet flats for days when i'm totally running late and can't be bothered to struggle with boots.

what have i missed as far as your everyday autumn shoedrobe is concerned?
don't say wellies. i'm not a wellies girl.
(or uggs. just no.)