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20 April 2015

snapshots | goodbye cornwall

it was fairly typical then that as we packed for our departure from charlestown, the sun would come out. not that it hadn't peeped its head out at all over the weekend, but like, proper, warming sun, streaming through the cottage's low windows while we packed and tidied and cleaned our messes away. we rushed through the adulting as quick as we could, so we could get outside and soak it up before it (and we) entirely disappeared again.

we strolled along the harbour and out to the pebble beach one last time (it was in fact our first time on that particular beach for that whole weekend!), before grabbing a coffee at charlie's and enjoying the last scones of the trip. after that, it was time to pack the car up and head back to the station, for our midday train back to our regular lives.

to say it was a terrific long weekend away would be an understatement. i am ever so lucky to be living in a country as wide and varied scenically as this one; to be able to head from seaside, to country, to city and back again in a day, and experience the wonders we saw in one weekend, makes me one truly grateful human.

oh, i do like to be beside the seaside. oh, i do like to be beside the sea.

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