w.i.w.t | pastel purple paisley p...something

hat : charlotte's | dress : asos | boots*: asos | leather jacket : just jeans

how ridiculous is this hat though, haha, seriously. when it turned up this month as part of frock swap, i just... kind of laughed at it. i mean, i do love a hat. even on me. but this one... is large and in charge, and definitely far too damn big for me. i did hope it would work with this cotton paisley burnout number i nabbed last week from asos, and... aesthetically, it definitely does! practically though, it does not.

i wore this dress out to centrale at croydon on saturday, and was so grateful for a dress that a) did not cling to my legs from static, and b) ride up ass from static. god bless a cotton dress! (except for when the wind blows hard and the dress ends up around your waist, then thank god for the cotton slip that comes with the dress.)

i got my hair cut while i was out; a couple of inches off the bottom - the last time i had it cut was before i headed off to the lake district for christmas, so it has been a long time coming. i've been trying to grow my fringe out at the moment, and in my mind, cutting a couple of inches off the bottom is almost like bridging the gap a bit, ha. clearly, this was the before picture.

i'm not so much of a fan of the cut of the dress - it's pretty smock-y and not very flattering, but i think it still sits pretty nice on me, and doesn't make me look too tent-like, which is always a bonus. i have a real thing for paisley at the moment it seems, and this pastel number will definitely be firm favourite well into spring.

which spring  trends are you feeling at the moment?