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16 April 2015

w.i.w.t | crocheted cutie

cardigan + shoes c/o land's end | skirt : new look | top : h&m

a couple of months ago i spoke about a brand that would satisfy both my and my mum's comfort and style requirements - land's end - and today i am here to tell you how right i was. when i first saw this crocheted zip cardigan, i knew it was one that mum and i would definitely fight over in store, and our only disagreement woul be the colour  way. while i'll always go for the pink or pastel option - like the dusty pink i'm wearing - she's an earthy and natural lass, and will always go the green or navy or (shudder) orange option.

probably another thing we would argue about would be the shoes; she's on her feet at work all day, and has dysfunctional feet - things like bunions and corns and other such hideous ailments (hereditary too, thanks mum!) rule her footwear-buying thoughts, and so while these adorable crocheted plimsoles are clearly the most perfect casual shoes, she'd be more interested in something with a higher arch, and a wider fit, and some sort of insole. boring!

i will admit i'm not a huge fan of the plimsole shoes and tights look, but... i'm not really sure how else to wear these shoes; i'm not a trainers kind of girl, and certainly aren't a tights-free kind of girl, so... tell me of an alternative, and i'll give it a crack?

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