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4 March 2015

style secrets | land's end for mother's day

it doesn't take a a genius to see where i get my take on personal style from; if you'd met my mum, you'd see it for yourself. like me, she's a fan of the bright colours and the clashing prints, and she's the original skirt lover in my family. granted, hers are usually longer, more a-line and definitely not starting up around her boobs, but generally, i get a lot of my stylespiration from her. 

so i suppose it shouldn't be, but i think it is totally weeeeeird when i come across brands and styles that i can see both she and i wearing happily. the only other time that's happened, is in dorothy perkins' cardigan department, because neither of us can leave a quirky cardi on the hanger. she's trained me well in that regard, but still - at twice my age, we shouldn't be wearing the same stuff, should we..? enter land's end, who totally nail it for cute and quirky knitwear pieces, that both she and i would most definitely wear happily. 

i'm especially smitten by the zipi-up cardi, the scallop sweater, and the adorable leather-look ballet and printed flats, while i can see those chino shorts, cable knit jumper and floral scarf (she loves a scarf, my mum) making their way into my mum's wardrobe - and soon. 

so tell me, is it strange that my mum and i share a style?

*post written in collaboration with brand. all thoughts are my own*

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