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12 June 2015

going glamping

you might have heard that i'm off to yorkshire this weekend - yeah? well i am. and not for any kind of weekend break i've ever had before either, let me tell you. and while we ~will be living in some kind of luxury for the first night, in a plush hotel in the centre of york, the rest of the weekend will be spent somewhere more... rural.

we're off to a wedding being held in a venue i have only had described to me as an "eco lodge." i'm not really sure the other girls know too much about this lodge, other than the fact it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and that it's located somewhere within the boundless plains that are the yorkshire dales. and, while i am suuuper excited to get out and about exploring yet another corner of this country's stunning landscape, i don't for one minute think this "lodge" is going to be anything less than a form of "glamping" (glam-camping for those not in-the-know), and i intend to be prepared as best i can.

my plus-one outfit might be on-point, but for the days when we're out exploring the northern landscape, i'm feeling something a little less ~princessy will be required. i've got this fab little black dress from george that is built a bit like a pinafore, so is easily layered up with various-length-sleeved-tops underneath when needed, which will come in handy with the no-doubt ~temperamental weather we're sure to expect while we're there. sun in summer? up north? dreamin'.

with my faithful denim jacket already thrown in the backpack, and my favourite pink sunnies ready to be firmly plastered on my face, the only thing missing from my current inventory is a pair of hunter wellies;  the staple footwear for city girls who plan to spend their weekend exploring the muddy plains of the north. every year i say i'll get a pair, and every year i find a reason to need them too late in the day. well, i'm nothing if not consistent, right? 

what tips do you have for a sensible glamping-friendly wardrobe?

*this post was written in collaboration*

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