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4 April 2016

some happy things!

well, despite my claims to the contrary, as i sit here looking back over my photos for the last week i am once again reminded just ~why i can't seem to shake this damn head cold. busy much? talk about an understatement. although, if i want to keep to my promise of not taking london for granted, then of course i am going to fill my time with fun adventures and opportunities to live a little when given the chance. if nothing else, it keeps me tired enough to sleep pretty well of late... some happy things though:

the weather - oh my actual giddy aunt, the weather this week has been totally bipolar. with hurricane katie here last weekend we had everything from window-busting winds to totally blue skies and lovely warm sun. the following week was no different, with blue skies in the morning with incredible bouts of wind and rain in the afternoon. i don't really mind that much, because i've been in my lighter-weight coat this last week, and you know what they say: april showers bring may flowers. and, we all know i am aaaaall about those flowers!

cereally good food - bad puns aside, i received some granola in the post the other week, thanks to sown and grown, and since i started eating it as part of my morning routine i've found myself daydreaming about muesli on the tube in the morning. no joke, breakky is the most important meal of the day, but it's one i've been happily skipping for the best part of ten years. as soon as i'd started eating it though, it's like my metabolism knew what was up and was instantly all over that cereal. the granola had a smattering of almonds and sunflower seeds in it as well, and it was just so tasty on its own with cold milk. probably not the most creative of breakfasts, but it did the trick for me!

ladyfuzz - i'm back in issue three, and you can grab your copy now! i've been so super honoured to be able to work on this indie project with a bunch of rad people, and i am so very proud of the work we've all done again. no one deserves more thanks and praise than the leader of our rag-tag team, luby, who had this crazy idea to make an indie zine all by herself about six months ago, and has not published three issues un-funded. i mean, what a gal. go and buy your copy now

gnorris the gnome - it was milly's birthday on friday and we went and had a few drinks and some slices and some fun after work, but better still, we had a new friend. i was searching for a card and i couldn't find one i liked but then i remembered gnorris; he turned up at work a few weeks back, and was begging for an adventure. what's more adventurous than cocktails and pizza (then a night out ata face down) in king's cross on a friday night?! check out the rest of his adventures.

coffee with a cause - while we were both slightly tipsy on friday night, rebecca and i discovered we don't live too far from each other. cue us making coffe plans for the next morning, half way between our houses at this addddorable little cafe called the canada water cafe (great name) in - you guessed it, canada water. if the brightly coloured tables and chairs and excellent coffee and banana walnut cake weren't a great enough reason to be alive, the chance to chat life crap and global domination with another of london's expats definitely was. girl power!

alcoholic alchemy - sunday was spent up early, dolled up to the nines, and drinking on a train at 10am. it's ascot baby! thanks to a generous offer from appletiser, i had the opportunity to have a one-on-one cocktail training class with the (babe'n) cocktail guy, rich woods, and he is the reason i did not blog ~at all on sunday; drinking for six hours straight in a corporate box is bad news for my blog. and my basic motor skills and cognitive function. in other words: i was too drunk to human, and i'm never daytime drinking again (probably a lie).