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20 April 2016

wishlist | another country holiday

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hello. my name is erica, and i am obsessed with travelling. i've just come back from a weekend on the isle of wight, and next weekend i am off to north wales for the long weekend. three weeks after that, i'm off to birmingham for another long weekend. then it's june and so far, i have nothing planned. so you know what that means? it's time to plan another country escape

as i continue to age and my poor body grows weary with time, the way i travel is going to have to change too. where i used to wear heeled boots and flimsy skirts while "hiking" mountains, this past weekend on the isle of wight has proven - if nothing else, that i need to wear more appropriate clothing when i'm out in the countryside. ever tried to walk a llama in metallic brogues? no? well i have; it's messy.

good quality trainers and comfortable jeggings are to be the staples on all future country breaks, with insulated and waterproof layers to keep me warm. the isle of wight was lovely - when the sun came out, but when it wasn't.. my my, we were some cold lassies. i thought it could simply outsmart the weather and take "light layers and leather" and leave my scarf at home. i've never felt more of a fool. 

the thing i did remember to take and am eternally grateful for: sunglasses. 
never forget your sunglasses, kids.

*post written in collaboration with great little breaks. all thoughts are my own*

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