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13 April 2016

wishlist | a new look for spring

bodysuit | pinafore | loafers | gingham skirt | khaki skirt | bomber | grey dress | midi dress | boots | skirt | denim

i've noticed something: there's a lot of variety online at the moment, but not in-store. why? who could say. maybe it's a conspiracy to buy more online. maybe it's the illuminati. who knows; i don't, but what i do know is that new look online can just take all my money right now. i swear, i was in-store recently, and there wasn't much i really fancied. two hours later i get home, open an email from new look, put all the things in my basket, and then wrote this post. why?

things i need for spring: to stop wearing (all) black, to invest in a few new light-weight jackets, to get some comfy casual shoes for all-the-time wearing, to own something gingham (i swear to glob, i am the only person without a gingham dress. i want one.), to layer pastel colours, to finally own a denim pinny. these are not difficult demands, so i am hopeful that they can be fulfilled before it's too late.

pray for me.

*post written in collaboration with brand*

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