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29 April 2016

disruption to regular service

the last couple of months have been exhausting. i am actually exhausted, and there's literally no sign of slowing down, either. for the last week and a bit i've spent all of my spare time packing up my belongings one again, for the big move. i'm moving out. i moved into my bright room in a nice flat almost exactly two years ago to the day, but i've had a great offer to live with a great couple of humans, in a bigger room in a nicer area, and i'd be silly to not move. but it means i physically have to move. pack up, and move out. again.

i can't remember the last time i did nothing. i fill my time with things and stuff so i don't get bored, and then i complain of exhaustion. yet when i do nothing and laze about, i complain of boredom. will i ever be happy? who the hell knows. what i know is that i am looking forward to getting all settled in the new house, with my new flatmates, unpacking all of the stuff, and starting this next adventure. also looking forward to this weekend, when i continue to not stop, and head to wales with rebekah.

sadly that adventure, and the one that follows, comes without the internet for a while. yep, the internet guy is coming next friday, because i'm not great at planning things, and so that's the deal. i don't even have anything scheduled, because - as i mentioned, i'm exhausted, and am not great at planning things. well, and any time i've had to myself, i have actually just gone to bed and tried to sleep. "tried", being the operative word here.

this weekend away probably won't be the relaxing and peaceful one i need, but once i am all moved in, settled, and unpacked, i will stop. at least, i plan to stop. i've put it in my diary to stop, and i'm pretty good at managing my diary, but we'll see. until then though, i'm after any fab recommendations of what to see and do in north wales. will be hitting up port meirion and anglesey and other such areas, but restaurants or sights - give them to me.

see you in a week! 

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