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9 September 2016

style | everything...still five pounds!

last week i mentioned my new-found love for high-street bargain site everything5pounds.com, and now in this post, i am about to continue that love-fest. the giiiiant box of stuff arrived while i was away on holiday, so the night we got back, i spent a good half an hour trying everything on, pairing bits and pieces together to see what worked and what didn't, and basically just getting excited about this box of autumn treasures that i now had to call my own. the box cost no more than fifty quid, and contained ten items. i mean, that's just crazy, isn't it? you saw my first favourite outfit last week, and this one is definitely strong second.

bag skirt jumper c/o everything5pounds | boots c/o boohoo

the double dots is a winning combo any day of the year, but the eyelash jumper is so sweet and super adorable, and it was an instant favourite. it's a one-size fits-all jobby, so i wasn't sure how it would look on, but i generally don't mind a bit of oversized tops on me so long as they still show off some of my shape and i'm not swamped in them. the skirt on the other hand, is a little longer and less flattering than i was hoping for. i've rolled it a few times at the waist and tucked the bottom of the jumper in to it a little bit, and i feel that does the job kind of well.
mac c/o everything5pounds | sunnies : vintage market

the bag and sunnies (and mac) are the perfect additions to bring this whole look together, and just like that, i've nailed yet another autumn look for less than twenty quid. since my last style post went live, so many people have asked me if whether or not the items are truly as good quality ass i let on. and you know what? they totally are! the eyelash jumper has a sainsbury's tu tag in it, while the skirt has a reeeeally old new look one. old as in time. old as in, like - maybe the late 90s. as in, this skirt is a piece of history, and it makes me wonder so many things about where e5p are getting their stock from, but you know what? i literally don't care. i have spent more on items from a charity shop, and i sure as hell have spent more than that at both of those stores on new items, so for a fiver, i'm happy to not ask too many questions.

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