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14 September 2016

why bottomless brunch is a great idea

on saturday, the girls and i headed to brunch at jones & sons in dalston to celebrate the short-term return of some of the original london-orphan squad. i'd not been before - though some of the others had been several times, and the clincher for me was the "bottomless brunch" option. usually that means that if you're off the wagon over brunch - i.e, drinking, then your beverage of choice becomes bottomless for a set (and usually pretty reasonable) charge. at jones & sons however, there's an even better deal: the brunch is bottomless too.

so for two hours on saturday, we drank bottles and bottles of prosecco and ate saturated fats and complex carbohydrates by the plateful, and got very, very drunk. two hours on the bubbles was clearly not enough because once our time was up, we decided to carry on elsewhere. not the eating part though, three rounds of tasty treats from jones & sons was definitely enough (although i was trying to angle for another plate of french toast before we left because it was sooooo good!).

the menu is super extensive too, and caters to a lot of different diets which is pretty good news for us as we're a fussy bunch at best. the plates weren't like, totally small but they were smaller than what you'd expect of an actual brunch menu, but i guess that's so you can eat more? and for £32 (or £25 if you're not drinking), it's a bloody good deal. it's the most expensive bottomless brunch i've had so far, but i think also the tastiest and with the best service, so it all comes out in the wash really, doesn't it?

we'd probably had close to two bottles each by that point, so there was no way were heading home. instead we gathered our brollies and headed north to the white hart in stokey. from there, the hours passed with every new bucket of bubbly or jug of pimm's that was brought to the table by the latest victim to the "should we go, or.." debacle, and we had a really bloody wonderful afternoon. it was the first time in a long time that we had seen a lot of each other, after holidays or family commitments, and it was so amazing to catch up properly and have actual, lengthy chats with some really great humans. and i'm putting that all down to brunch.

or, that particular brunch at least.

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