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30 September 2016

style | i heart sunday

dress : depop (originally topshop)

i have wanted this dress for. ever. like, i remember when it first came out, everyone had one. i tried it on in-store, but it just didn't fit right, and i couldn't convince myself i loved it enough to spend the forty-odd quid it cost just to own it, and never wear it. i then saw it all over the internet, taunting me from through my screen, on friends and style bloggers and random celebrities in magazines. the one time i wanted a "trendy" dress, and i couldn't have it.

fast forward a hundred years, and guess who found the dress of their dreams on depop for less than a tenner, delivered to her front door? this guy! yes me! i was trawling alice's pieces for sale - of which i now own three, and there it was. at a size ten i was unsure if it would fit, but for a fiver, i was damn well prepared to give it a shot! and it does! fit, i mean. although still not perfectly, but enough that i can and will wear it a lot this autumn.

bag c/o e5p | boots : asos | jacket : primark

i'm quite short in the body so a lot of skater dresses are a little longer than what's entirely flattering or comfortable, and the upper arms are a little tight. probably from all the weight lifting (#gainz), or the pizza, but it does make reaching high things a little harder than normal. worth a little struggle to look this cute? oh, totally.

"don't be a dick" pin : veronica dearly | "e" pin c/o tatty devine | others : various

it got its debut last sunday when mum popped around to pick up a winter coat for iceland, and take me birthday trainer shopping. besides it flipping around in the breeze a lot, it was the perfect outfit the the autumn sun/wind/grey cloud combination, and even totally comfortable while we sat at the pub and ate lunch afterwards. i love a elbow-sleeved dress, and the cotton fabric makes it the ideal dress for the in-between weather. so... do i regret not buying it all those years ago when it didn't fit and i wasn't confident enough to wear it? no in the slightest. i am one happy bunny right now!

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