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21 September 2016

wishlist | autumn must-have-nows

bomber | shirt | sunnies | breton | purse | coat | dungarees | dress | loafers | brogues | backpack | skirt | boots

arrrggghhhh it's finally autumn, like, finally for real. even though yesterday was the official first day of autumn, everyone 'round these parts tends to get on the fall-hype at the start of september, despite the fact that it's aaaaaalways hot around my birthday (next week, thanks for asking); the last few days have been perfectly cool though, which can only mean one thing: it's time to crack out the layers , long sleeves, and - finally, boots again.

i've been window shopping for autumn pieces for a while now, and other than my e5p haul, i've not actually added anything new to it as yet. but i've just got a new credit card. one that gets me points. and points means prizes. so i guess that also means new clothes. huzzah!

i've never been keen on khaki, but since adding my new mac to the wardrobe and seeing how nice it looks against my pink bonce, i am now definitely a fan. not that i need another coat, of course, but.. can you ever really have too many? exactly. and that back pack! i have been repping my tan brown one for about a year now, and it's definitely time to upgrade. when i so, i'm heading straight for that rose gold one - it's the perfect colour to compliment the khaki.

you're not seeing much pink, i know, but it's still pretty impossible to wear too much of it while my hair is so bright. i like the muted shades that pop out of the bomber, and in accessories like the backpack and purse (and sunnies), and i think that's the best way to keep the signature colour at play. the suede mary janes would be totally cute in a dusty pink, so i'm going to do some more window browsing until i find something similar, and totally invest in a new pair of chelsea boots before it gets too late (to wear them in, if you know what i mean).

so excited for this new, cooler season! what have you been buying?