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24 October 2016

some happy things

guys. to say i am tired would be an understatement. i got back so late from an amazing weekend away last sunday, then was hit but the fluey arsehole bug that's been going around the very next day. probably not helped by a raging hangover and a complete and utterly shattered body from non-stop activities over the weekend, but - it's safest to say that this week i have not been feeling myself. i had a chat with my doctor over the weekend, so hopefully things will start to sort themselves out soon. until then, i'm trying to focus on the happy things that litter my life. 

going potty | what a fricken amazing that was though... i honestly don't know how the universe thinks i deserve the opportunities that come my way because of this here blog, but having the chance to spend the weekend in an unexplored part of the uk, visiting some fantastic pottery factories and learning more about some of my favourite homewares brands was absolutely incredible. i can't wait to share more about that with you this week, but truly: i am overwhelmed.

tattoo time | i've booked my next tattoo with the wonderfully talented keely rutherford up in north london for early december, and i am sssssooooo damn excited! i don't want to give too much away, but it's going to be a london scene in my favourite colours, and is going to start to build up my half sleeve. nervous isn't the word; excited is!

faces to faces | another highlight of my weekend was fiiiiinally putting some faces to some, well, faces! i had the opportunity to hang out with some stokey babes - terri and charl - and have a few (too many) drinkies! god bless northern drinks prices, but not early starts. it was fab to finally meet some of the babes that i've "known" for so many years in real life.

surprise sunrise | uhm, how fabulous were our sunrises this week?! stunning.

christmas ready | i worked my first christmas event of the season last week, which was a fun cooking event in north london with john lewis. i wasn't feeling the absolute best, but when i knew a bunch of my favourite girls were going to be there, well i made the effort and made it through. cocktails helped. always.

trivial pursuit | i am on a big pub quiz hype after an absolutely hilarious one i went to last week (on a date, eep!). i found this website that literally breaks down all the pub quizzes in london by day of the week, postcode, buy-in fee, pot prize amount... everything. it's flippen amazing, and it's changed my life. we headed to the mayflower in rotherhithe as it's close to both our places, and it was a brilliant idea. except for the fact it took ages to find a seat (it's pretty small). the quizmaster was one of the funniest i've ever heard, and although we didn't win, i did win another date. so. i'll take that.

lovely london |  i've had to make a few early-morning trips to the doctor this week - nothing to be worried about (mum: i know you're reading), but having the streets all to myself and being able to enjoy the sights i miss on a daily basis made me really happy. there are some amazing things to be seen when you just open your eyes!

magpie tendencies | my name is erica and i love glitter. my new collection is keeping me sparkly.

a lucky delivery | i worked from home on friday which was just as well as the first piece off bespoke pottery arrived from my weekend in stoke! i was lucky enough to be able to decorate my very own piece of emma bridgewater pottery on my first day in stoke-on-trent, and i wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it is pretty... special! it reminds me of childhood, which is pretty... something.

well cultured | on saturday night i hit the local independent theatre scene with joel; we watched the closing night of a show called 'europe' at the camden people's theatre, which was a funny yet political piece about the downfall of greece in the last few years. i'm proper cultured annat now, innit. it's ok though because right afterwards i ate an insane amount of pizza and drank kiwi cocktails. so. everything in moderation.

brunch | uggggh yes, favourite meal of the weekend. the diner is always a good choice, no?

aaaaaand that's me; hope you had a great week too!