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10 October 2016

some happy things

mean girls day | "on october third he asked me what day it was" - our fandom is the best one.

sleepy sunday | i've not been feeling the greatest this week; a little low, and with a pretty sore body that i think is thanks to a gruelling session at the gym on saturday, but sunday was spent taking it easy. i started at the salon with a hot stone massage, then an afternoon of lazy chores and grocery shopping for the week before lounging in front of the x factor for the rest of the afternoon. bliss!

autumn is here | and it's leaf-crunchy good!

popcorn party | seriously, i ate four different flavours of nina's popcorn in one day, and i definitely have my favourites now. the himalayan pink salt flavour was a massive hit white the lemony kale with black pepper and the sriracha flavours weren't quite the flavours i'd normally want in a snack. more of the sweet and salty though please! and the packaging? divine floral intervention.

the autumn issue | mum and i said our final farewells last week, over duck confit and red wine at dulwich village's cafe rouge. she'd never been to dulwich and i'd never been to cafe rouge, so it seemed the perfect spot really. especially as they'd just launched their new menu, and i needed a wine after the day i'd had... it was totally tasty, and i can't wait to share more with you this week.

a secret supper | you remember a few weeks back when i took mum out to dinner in west london, to show her what the term "gastro pub" really meant? well i was invited out again by the fuller's kitchen team - to a secret supper this week, so secretive that we only found out where we were going a few days prior. the sail loft is another pub i'd not been to before, but certainly one i'll return to, because although you come for the food, you stay for the view. right on the thames and with 180 views from east london all the way round to the city, it's a dining experience like no other! and the food? utter delciousness. top tip: have the steak, you will not regret it.

pink and pouty | when your friends ask you if you'd like a spare pink mac lippy they picked up at the airport recently, you say yes. and then hug them. and then pout like a mother loving queen when it matches your new hair colour. yaaaas!

champagne lunch | i didn't know there was a national champagne week, but as soon as i found out, i was in. i was invited down to a champagne masterclass with oh you pretty things champagne and skinny prosecco, and, uhhm... the afternoon was a bit hazy. we learned a little bit about the production process of the skinny prosexy (it's got half the sugar of regular prosecco, and it's vegan and organic - winning!), as well as how best you should drink your champagen (room temperature), and they learned from my tasting notes that "the difference between prosecco and champagne is that champagne tastes like money." it was a good lunch.

bootie season | i am on the hunt, big time, trying to replace my favourite black boots from last season. they haven't been re-listed online and i can only find them in a smaller size. gutted! while i continue my hunt, i am pretty happy with my new leopard print booties that i picked up on a whim at primark last week. full outfit post coming soon...

social secretary | i've been promoted to social secretary at work (sadly this comes with more responsibility but no extra money or benefits)(except, well, planning all the fun stuff), and friday was my first event. mum had left me with half a bottle of pimms and some cheese that she couldn't take with her, so i arranged a bit of a cheese and wine do with the engagement team on friday afternoon. the rest of the teams got wind of what was happening and soon enough joined us for a bit of a friday mixer, which was of course totally welcome! hopefully this means that the next one will be just as well received... cheese brings everyone together, right?

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