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28 October 2016

style | babushka baby

the hunt is finally over! after all the window shopping and trying before i buying that i've done over the last few weeks, i've finaaaally managed to replace two pairs of boots with some pretty solid purchases! i tried and failed to replace my actual favourite boots as they simply do not make them anymore, but i did manage to secure the very last black pair in existence.. albeit in a size smaller than what i am. i am dgoing to try desperately to wear them in when i'm at home and wear them with thick socks to try and stretch them a little because, at the moment, they're far too tight to wear comfortably. thank god that i found a back up pair for the mean time! 

boots : shoebou | dress c/o house of fraser | coat + bag c/o george at asda

in my hunt for the perfect black boots, i stumbled across a site i'd never heard of before: shoebou. their prices were really competitive (for the same item/brands found elsewhere), and i got a tenner off my first purchase, which was really great too! i picked up these flat tan chelsea boots for about fifteen quid, about a tenner less than anywhere else online (even before the discount!), and they're sooo great and comfortable. two very important elements in a new pair of boots.

they are the perfect boots for my new autumn dress that arrived this week courtesy of house of fraser. it's by the brand izabel london and it's a little big, so i could really do with a smaller size, but cest la vie. i really love the floral print; it reminds me of those russian babushka dolls... somehow? maybe that's just me. the fabric is super stiff and thick so it's going to be great for autumn, and the tie around the waist really helps in making it fit a little better around the middle. plus: pockets! amazing pockets!

oh, ps - i dyed my hair again. i was really bummed when the last attempt at raspberry only lasted a few washes, so i've gone a hundred shades of purple. i mixed live colour purple punk with half a tube of shocking pink, and left it in an hour. this is the result! it's obviously still bright and has highlights of pink flowing through it still, but i just wanted something a little darker and warmer for autumn. apparently though, my hair is quite content on remaining "cool". *chuckles*

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