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21 July 2017


i wouldn't like to think about how much i've spent on sandals in my lifetime. sandals that have more often than not, fallen apart within a few wears, or caused blisters and sore feet, and ultimately never really offered much comfort per wear but yet i insisted on wearing them because they were cute, and that's what really matters, right? wrong! very, very wrong.

i recently went on the record saying that i was sick to death of wearing uncomfy sandals, and i needed recommendations. 99% of the recommendations that came through, were for saltwaters. now, i grew up wearing clarks sandals yeah, so i know what a comfy pair feels like, but to me, spending more than a tenner on a pair of summer shoes seems crazy, especially when summer in the uk lasts about eight minutes. but after my recent 50 thousands steps across marseille in some of primark's finest, i quickly changed my mind.

in fact, on our last night in marseille, i took to the office website with fervour, feet swollen, toes hurting, determined to buy myself some saltwater sandals once and for all. spending sixty quid on sandals hurt, you know, but the handmade, leather, rubber soled brand's reputation really preceeds them. so much so, that i couldn't even find any in the sales. any sales. anywhere. across the internet. i've never come across a high street brand so in demand that it rarely goes on sale, so, sixty quid it was. and, three days later, there they were, in all their silver glory.

and i think we all know that silver is my personal "neutral", so there couldn't have been a more perfect colour to kick off my new salties collection. and i preemptive say "collection" because after two days of solid wear and zero blisters, i can hand on heart say that these will not be my last pair. in fact, i was going to actually buy myself these for japan, knowing that we'd be doing loads of walking and i'd need something comfy to tackle that, but now i reckon that's just the perfect excuse for my second pair. watch this space.

trousers : everything5pounds | salties : office | top : super old glassons | glasses : super old asos

and can we quickly just talk about these trousers? i know i've been harping on about me wearing something other than dresses for a few weeks now, and that's because i still can't quite believe it's still a thing! these violet culottes from e5p literally dispelled any body angst i felt only the day before they arrived, because they're soooo comfy, a gorgeous colour, and perfectly compliment my silver salties. so, there you have it. once again, a metallic clothing saves the day.

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