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22 October 2012

i'm being poorly

i hate being sick. it properly sucks. i mean, i get sniffly fairly often because i don't cope well in cold weather (even though i voluntarily chose to move to one of the coldest countries on the planet), i don't have the best diet and i definitely don't exercise enough (at all), so i am used to getting tired and whingey every so often. but. nothing compares to getting a full-blown head cold. it is not fun.

this weekend i was mostly bed ridden, moving only for sustenence and toilet breaks (and on saturday to break free and see the worst exhibition or all time), and yet today i have somehow dragged myself into work like some kind of jobsworth. let me tell you something; it is hard to stay cute when your nose is red and peely, and your skin has taken on a slightly greenish-greyish colour. and now im pretty sure im that person who makes that awful sound of *sniffing* - actual sniffing every 10 minutes. i have a vapouriser-inhaler-type thing that boyfriend encourages me to shove up my nose and breathe in really deeply. it hurts though. and it smells really strong.

let me tell you something else: i don't own *outside* track pants or ugg boots, or anything really warm or practical for when i am under the weather. i do however, own this dress [picture redacted], that was purchased back in australia all those many moons ago, with the idea that it would be *so warm* and *perfect* for an english winter. it is not. but considering my work place is as hot as an oven, it will do.

it has bows.

it's the best i got in me today.