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18 October 2012

the week that was

apologies for the last ramblings. lets discuss some awesome things from this week instead, ok? apologies to those of you who follow me on instagram, because you will have already seen the following. maybe a little more context for you now though... maybe. i hope.
seeing the gaslight anthem with bex and ani on wednesday night at the o2 academy in brixton. awesomeness. even on only a few hours sleep and approximately (no, exactly) £11.40 in my pocket for the whole excursion. many thanks to bex for the actual final birthday present. wow.. this birthday has lasted almost 3 weeks. sooooo excellent.
sweet boyfriend hangs this week, including but not limited to: donating a shit ton of clothing to charity, buying stuff to replace the donated stuff (in a recyclable bag though, so it all works out in the end), making him carry my frankie mag 50th edition home from work because it is soooo heavy! and, toe kisses while watching the only way is essex. it's love, ok?
a couple 'what i wear today' from this week. new dress with horses and sweet collar. new asos 'kisses' dress. me new frames! finally! some sweet nail art (it's actually not that good. i am rubbish, it's true). autumn leaves and inappropriate mint shoes. and some sweet etsy jewellery from cherry and cinnamon and tinytangerines.
[edit] how many times did i just use the word 'sweet'? ugh.