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28 October 2012

slutty brownies

a few days ago i posted a link to a recipe i found on the londoner's blog, called 'slutty brownies'. the claim was made that these were the best brownies in the world. with that sort of marketing, i felt like i owed it to the world to investigate further. i am somewhat of a brownie aficionado and so felt i was well equipped to be able to give a more accurate review than that.

to begin with, the name alone is supposed to be indicative of how 'easy' (geddit, easy? slutty. ha!) the recipe is to follow. truth be told, carmen and i took no notice of the recipe itself, merely following the pictures on the (many) packets of mix and trying to remember what the pictures looked like (we had no computer available at the time). so, let me break it down.

what you'll need:
1 x packet of cookie mix
1 x packet of brownie mix
2 x packets of double stuffed oreos 
(in hindsight  this could be anything really. bourbons, custard creams - any stuffed biscuits, or, if you're game then maybe mini snickers or mars bars. *droool)
1 x egg
vegetable oil
mixing bowl + spoon
shallow cake tin + baking paper

how we did it:
1. preheat the oven; hot but not the hottest mark

2. line the cake tin with the baking paper

3. follow the instructions on the packet of cookie mix, but add slightly more water or oil that recommended - you will be baking these longer than instructed. one thing to remember: the wetter the better. then, layer the bottom of the cake tin with the mixture.

4. layer your stuffed biscuit of choice on top of the cookie mixture, eating any broken ones you find as you go along (or the entire second packet).

5. follow the instructions on the packet of brownie mix, and then pouuuur over the layers already in the tin
6. lick the bowl clean.

7. pop in the oven for about 30mins; check the progress every 10 minutes thereafter by sticking a knife into the centre until it comes out clean-ish.

once you pull the brownie out of the oven, allow to cool for about 10 minutes, then serve with your favourite ice cream (optional)(do it!). we had no ice cream available sadly, but once that first mouthful hit my lips well, ohhhmyyygawwwd. it was dry on top, crumbly on the bottom and all kinds of creamy, gooey, deliciousness in the middle.

these pictures serve the brownies no justice, but let me just say this; the claim made at the start of this post was wrong. these brownies were not the best in the world, because they were out of this world.

these brownies were the best in the universe.