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29 October 2012


this past saturday we costumed up and head to o2 islington for a gloomy halloween spooktacular. we have been to feeling gloomy there in the past and always enjoyed our time. they play old school indie classics in one room, and cheesy pop hit in another, with the revellers coming and going as they please. this time, the only difference being that everyone - and i mean everyone, was dolled up to the max in varied scary, spooky and spectacular costumes - we were no exception. boyfriend even let me put make up on him! we don't really know what he was... he was just a dead bloke i think.

carmen, brucie, steph, boyfriend and i got ready at carmen's, and met the others at the club. minus a few issues getting us all inside in dribs and drabs, once we were in, we headed for the bar and started knocking the spooky drinks back.

we had a great night, until it was time to leave and there was not a cab to be found for miles. it's become so so so bitterly cold lately as well, and we were unprepared for waiting in the cold. we walked the streets of islington for about 20 minutes, calling all of the cab companies in the land before giving up and heading for the night bus (still over half an hour away too).. suddenly, out of nowhere shone a beacon of hope! a cab light, still LIT! i was waving my broom about in the air, and we were all hollering for it in hopes no-one else had notice it, but bless! they hadn't, and it was all ours! pure bliss being in that cab. it was about a gazillion degrees in there, but it did not matter to us! sweet relief for my frost bitten extremities.

what did you do for halloween?