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21 October 2012

someday all the adults will die...

...of boredom.

the morning after the night before - the night i had been standing in the rain for hours with no coat or sensible shoes on, boyfriend and i had planned to meet up with bex and nic at the hayward gallery on the southbank to take in the new 'someday all the adults will die' exhibition. we planned to meet them at 1:30 as they were heading to borough market before hand, and we are on limited funds this week. we did manage to pull a fiver from the joint account for the standard roast pork panini at the street markets behind festival hall though, which was such a good idea because seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with that sandwich. i don't usually eat pork, but i will make an exception for that thing every single time. the combo of (smooth, not chunky) apple sauce, peppery rocket, crackling and wild roasted pork is making me salivate in memory. if you haven't tried it, do. do try it. you won't regret it.

so we headed to hayward and waited. and waited, and waited. and when the girls hadn't shown up by almost 2pm, we headed into the exhibition ourselves after letting the girls know that that's where we'd be. and it was... a let down, i'll be honest. we'd been to the hayward gallery before to see the david shrigley exhibit back in march, and it was quite good. this, on the other hand, wasn't. it was essentially two small rooms, with walls covered in old album art and gig posters and merchandise. not really sure what i was expecting - maybe something with a bit more artistic direction or maybe something better curated; it all seemed to be there with no real flow or story. truth be told, boyfriend and i hung about for about 10 minutes, then we were done.

on the way out, we ran into the girls, and regaled them with tales of woe from within. they were still quite keen to partake in the punk rock ambiance, so went on in while we went on home.. i was feeling really rather rubbish - despite having stocked up earlier on meds and pills from boots, nothing seemed to reduce the amount of general 'crappiness' that was swimming around my head (and my poor nose!), so home was a better option. having had to change at london bridge and facing a delay before the next train, we opted for a stroll through borough market to kill some time.

man, i love that place. i knew there was a reason i told bex we couldn't (read: shouldn't) meet her there instead of at the exhibition. i can't control myself. within minutes i had bought a punnet of cherry tomatoes, a punnet of sweet peppers, two chocolate brownies and a stick of spicy sausage (to clear the sinuses, you see). the easiest seven pounds i ever spent. and most delicious!

ahh the rest of the day was spent feasting on that, blowing my nose, and reading my latest issue of frankie. this one is their 50th issue and is suuuuper fat. thanks again to flozzie who lovingly bought me a six-month subscription for my birthday. such an awesome idea! loving having them arrive on my desk randomly too. ha!

someone come and make me soup? i have a blender......