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5 August 2015

a thoroughly english film night

 picture credit @erinniimi

last wednesday night, in the downstairs cinema room at the sanctum soho, i helped ef englishtown plan and host a thoroughly english film night event to help raise awareness around the web-school's online english classes for french and german speakers. for weeks we'd been emailing back-and-forth, thinking up typically british bits and pieces we wanted to include in the event - namely what we wanted to see on the menu... and what film to show.

in the end though, we put the choice of film in the guest's hands, and waited on the results of a survey to find out just what they wanted to see. with a guest list full of ex-pat bloggers from around the world voting for their favourite genre, the final verdict was clear: our film would be an english comedy. 

the welcome drinks and finger food menu couldn't have been more british. the selection of drinks included pimm's and fresh fruit, an elderflower g+t that was a total game changer, and the queen's own favourite cocktail - the diamon dubonnet, and then there was the food. what's more english than mini bangers and mash, individual portions of fish and chips, and the queen's own coronation chicken served on a silver platter?

oh, i don't know, maybe the after eights and gin-in-a-tin that was hiding in wait in the guest's goodybags, alongside some fancy tea for the morning's hangover. that's pretty english, wouldn't you say? not to mention the classic english comedy that we finally settled on showing that night...

picture credit @hellothemushroom

groovy baby, yeah! i hadn't seen austin powers is sooo long - like, probably since it first came out, and i spent the whole night in fits of laughter at the jokes as they rolled out, one after the other. it was pretty clear we'd made a great choice, because there wasn't a quiet seat in the house once the film really got going. popcorn was consumed, gins-in-tins were secretly drank. social media competitions were entered (wifi permitting), and bfi memberships were won. all in all, the night was a roaring success, and the unforgiving hangover was totally well-deserved and semi-applauded by management the next day.

what is this world i live in? 

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