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3 August 2015

some happy things.

this was a week that culminated in me getting a weird cold. so far it's localised to my nose and throat, but we all know that's just the start. how this happened is anyone's guess - it's hardly been the weather for colds, and this past week was fairly subdued for me as far as extra curricular activities go, so... who knows. all i know is that the cynic in me says "of course i'm sick" because what else has to go wrong before something goes swimmingly well for me? woe. anyway, on with the show; the silver linings play book says

sprinkle donuts and stormy sunsets. there's nothing better on a sunday afternoon that a fresh donut that's been marked down that also matches your duvet cover, and a moody citrus sky outside your window. perfect way to end a weekend, right?

i'm free! on monday morning the cast came off - almost two hours later than it should have, and twelve hours after cancelling my tattoo appointment for the following day. murphy's law, innit. nevertheless, the hand is finally free, and i am now in intense finger physio to get this baby working properly again. so far, not so good. i do worry i'll never be able to left-hook again. cést la vie.

#etfilmnight. on wednesday night i had the pleasure of hosting a typically british blogger event for a bunch of ex-pat bloggers, and haven't laughed so hard in a long time. more on that to come. what i can tell you is that if you haven't watched the original austin powers in a while, then you definitely should.

a hangover in the name of work. this totally gets you off the hook for many important things and also gets your congratulations from your boss because apparently a hangover after an event is the sign of a good event. i will take that feedback on board, and eat all of the burgers in work time.

being a cliché. i was sent a fujifilm instax camers this week, officially signifying my decent into clichéville. maybe next it will be beauty-blogger-biographies and expensive candles (oops), but whatever dude i don't care because i've wanted one of these cameras foreveeeer, and so was super excited when it arrived this week. looking forward to using it in a couple of weeks at the craft beer festival.

meeting mates at model market. i met up with mike and friends after work on friday for barbecued meat, tequilacolada cocktails and fresh fruit ice cream. it's the most local of the street feasts to me (in lewisham), and yet the only one i'd never been too. i definitely ate too much food, but... when in rome.

a lazy day, a boozy night. i woke up feeling like absolute arse on saturday, but with my flatmate out of the house, i decided a duvet day was in order. i washed my sheets nice and early and remade the bed, made some delicious banana pancakes, and watched films aaaaall day. later that night i met up with mike (again, what, is he my only friend now?) and luby for a gig in angel; a new-to-me band called the smith street band (from melbourne) were playing at the lexington, and so we went. and drank a lot. and sang a lot. and had a lot of fun. except on sunday i felt reeeally rough and chided myself for going out. it was worth it though.

my pretty neighbourhood. it was another lazy day for me on sunday, but as i took a bunch of clothes down to the local charity shop, i was reminded of just how pretty my neighbourhood is. so what if the house i live in isn't mine, isn't actually pretty (or tidy) itself, or that one of my walls is exposed cork. i have other people's houses to adore as i walk around the neighbourhood.

how has your week shaped up in comparison?

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