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24 August 2015

some happy things.

last week was a week that was a slow burner, but definitely ended on a high. with pay day looming, it was a quiet week for me, praying for survival until my monthly top-up of funds sees me rinse and repeat for another month of doing "stuff" and buying "things," forever wiling the days away in the endless pursuit of happiness. naw. a few things this week have kept me smiley, namely:

regulars; looks like i've been visiting the starbucks at baker street juuuust the right amount of times, because not only do they all know my name and order, but simona even adds love hearts to my cup now. she's a keeper.

timeless style; not only was i buzzing that my six-day-old greasy hair totally resembled miley cyrus, it also exactly-resembles the very same hair style i wore in my year 12 (last year of high school before university) class photo. which was in 2002. 

picnic with a view; on thursday night i shuffled over to guoman hotel tower bridge with a couple dozen of my fave london bloggers, for a some picnic fun on 'the lawn' by tower bridge. the lawn is a pop up bar and events space just outside the hotel that boasts some ~exceptional views of tower bridge and st. katherine's docks; as we drank mojitos and pimm's from the bar, we also snacked on some of the hotel's afternoon tea selection. not a bad way to kick start a long weekend, that's for sure!

"treating" ones self; on friday i mustered up all the courage i could, and voluntarily paid someone to permanently alter my appearance through ritual torture. oh yes, the tattoo was received. for three hours (bar loo breaks) i laid perfectly still, wincing in agony as mega babe jody dawber made my tattoo dreams come true. more on this in the week. it still hurts, but it's definitely love. 

last minute plans; i had no weekend plans until late on thursday afternoon, when it came to my attention that santander were offering free cycle hire over the weekend for new users. i'm a new user, and have wanted to go riding for so long but have been terrified to do so on open roads; i conned mike into joining me, and we headed into victoria park where it was safe to practise. we also had mega messy burgers, and i had a lot of lilt. it was an awesome day. if in fact that was the end of summer, then i must admit i spent my summer well.

so much serenity; my flatmate's away at the moment, so i had a great lay in, made some delicious pancakes, did some laundry, ~and spoke to my mum, all before 10:30 on sunday. with chores out of the way, i headed down to catford to le crisadore for a serenity massage; with all the headaches and sleepless nights i've been having, i thought a bit of "me time" was in order. for an hour i lay still as a tiny little human poured oil and placed hot stones and tenderly massaged my weary body, until i practically fell asleep to the sound of the pouring rain outside. bliss.

baby time; miss molly o turned eight days old on sunday, and so i paid her a little visit with some birth-day gifts. at eight days she's so tiny and tender and i was too scared (and hurt, see above re: tattoo) to touch her, but boy did i sniff her and kiss her and stroke her tiny legs with a lot of love and affection. 

dear female friends: please keep having babies so i don't have to, but so i can still have baby snuggles when i want them. baby snuggles are only fun when you can hand them back after.

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